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Life Hacks: Tips To Get Shredded Fast

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The Ultimate Tips to get Shredded Fast.

When you’re starting off your shred, you have an idea in your head of how you want to look, and how it’s going to feel when you’re at that level.

And it feels damn good – but you’re not there yet.

You’re dieting and training as hard as you can to make sure that you’re losing fat as fast and as efficiently as possible – however you’re not everything in your power to drop the flab.

We’re talking about Life Hacks.

Simple, successful tweaks you can make to your lifestyle to start shredding down the pounds on top of what you’re already doing – They don’t change what you’re doing, more how you do it.

These the best tips to get shredded fast:

1. Put a Mirror On the Refrigerator

Crazy, right? Actually no. It’s simple psychology.

In a study [1] involving 320 students in Iowa State University, subjects were asked to taste full, reduced and no-fat cream cheese spreads on bagelettes. Subject were allowed to eat as much as they wanted with no restrictions on the food.

For the first groups of students, a large mirror was present in the kitchen, students could see themselves eat.

For the second group – the mirror was taken away.

The second group ate considerably less full fat cream cheese.

This study was later replicated with shoppers at a large supermarket from all different backgrounds – and yielded the same results.

The presence of the mirror subconsciously made the subjects more aware of what they were eating and influenced a healthier choice.

Placing a mirror on your refrigerator, or even in your line of site at the kitchen table is one of the best tips to get shredded fast. It will make you take more notice of what you’re eating and put your abs first instead of your taste buds.

2. Drink Like a Fish – Shred Like a Beast

If you still find yourself snaking between meals, it may not be food you need, but fluids.

Sometimes we can confuse our thirst with hunger, and end up snacking to stop the pangs. This isn’t always the best move – sometimes you can be just thirsty.

If you’re diet’s on point and you’re sure you’re getting enough nutrients but still hungry, try a tall glass of water before your meal. Adding water to the equation helps fill you up, and quenches your need for fluids – it’s also good for you.

You should always be making sure you take in at least 2 and half liters of water a day – your shredded body will be glad you did.

3. Smaller Plate – Abs look Great!

You’ve probably heard this one before, but here’s the kicker – it actually works.

This isn’t just an ‘old wives tale’ you heard when you were a kid – there’s serious science behind this.

The idea behind it all is the smaller the plate, the bigger you think your portion of food is and the fuller you’ll feel. This is great for those who struggle with snacking in between meal times. It’s serious stuff and can be a killer to your cut.

However, getting a smaller plate is only the first step of the plan.

A recent study from McClain et al., [2] showed how you can take this strategy to the next level. It’s not only size that’s important – but the rim.

Eating from plates with a wider, or a different colored rim has seen subjects overestimate the amount of food on their plate on numerous occasions and even led to them eating less.

This is a great method for shredding up as it fills you up for longer and saves you snacking between meals.

PRO TIP: For more appetite suppression check out Glucomannan, a key fibrous nutrient in Instant Knockout that helps with appetite suppression.

4. Cut Sugar

One of the main things you can do to see results quickly is to cut sugar from your diet.

The benefits are incredible. One of the more serious tips to get shredded fast.

We’ve spoken a lot about the dangers of sugar over on our ‘Is Sugar Bad for You?’ article – but one of the main questions that really gets the message across is this – ask yourself:

How much nutrition is in sugar?

Literally nothing.

The only thing you’ll find in sugar is calories. That’s it – it has no nutritional value whatsoever. So if you’re on a cut with restricted calories, this is the worst thing you can do.

On top of that it also causes the following problems:

  • Addiction
  • Low Testosterone
  • Cancer & Type II Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Toxic Effects
  • And many more

It’s all terrifying stuff, and you can read sugar’s whole story on our sugar article here.

5. Various Vegetables

No matter how dedicated you are, or how many precautions you’ve taken – sometimes you just need extra food.

You’ve been working out hard all week, and you want to break your diet and treat yourself – but it’s not cheat day yet.

So how do you cope?


Seriously. Giving yourself a belly full of veg is one of the best things you can eat in your time of need to get rid of any hunger pangs and keep you on top of your cut.

Try to keep starchy vegetables like potatoes at a minimum – they’re high in carbs and over time this is going to do you any favors.

Aim for more fibrous choices like broccoli, green beans and cabbage. They’ll satisfy your hunger and give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to perform.

Life Hacks: Tips To Get Shredded Fast Conclusion

If you’re doing everything right and you’re looking to speed a long your cut, you’re definitely going to want to make use of these tips to get shredded fast.

Changing little things in your lifestyle can mean big results, and can make the difference between surviving your cut, and smashing it.

The easiest thing that you can start doing is using smaller plates. By tricking your subconscious, you can feel like you’ve eaten more food than you actually have. This is great if you’re struggling with portion control, or trying to avoid snacking between meal times.

Using a mirror at the table is another solid psychological method – this helps prime your brain into cutting mode as well as your body.

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[1] Sentyrz SM, Bushman BJ, Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the thinnest one of all? Effects of self-awareness on consumption of full-fat, reduced-fat, and no-fat products, J Appl Psychol. 1998 Dec;83(6):944-9.

[2] McClain A, van den Bos W, Matheson D, Desai M, McClure SM, Robinson TN. Visual illusions and plate design: The effects of plate rim widths and rim coloring on perceived food portion size. Int J Obesity. 2014;38(5):657-662. doi:10.1038/ijo.2013.169.