Alex Grandos

By the way, let me introduce myself: My name is Alex Granados, I just turned 36 and I’m from Atlanta, USA.

This supplement is super effective to increase strength and to define your body. But to get the most out of it, use it with intense exercise routines.

Now, I love the intense exercise routines: They are short and it allows me to burn fat and define myself, you can get very tired very quickly.

You literally feel like you’re going to die of fatigue. I know because that’s how I felt when I performed them before taking this supplement.

Now the story is different.The routines I enjoy most are circuit training and when I do not have much time available, a simple Tabata routine (4 minutes of extreme exercise).

These are the types of intense exercise with which I have obtained better results, but at the same time, I have felt the most exhausted.

That’s why I used to do them eventually and NOT with “much desire” since I knew what was going to happen each workout. This is where Instant knock out changed the way I exercised.

The # 1 benefit I noticed when I started using knock was that it dramatically increased my “pain threshold”: that is, my level of tolerance to exhaustion caused by these routines.

If I used to feel tired a 100% after a round, now I feel tired 60-70% … And let me tell you, this new percentage really makes the difference and most importantly defining my body is the best fat burner, no effects Side effects without headache, amazing product.

After my first bottle of knock I noticed an increase in my definition of muscle, burning the fat would increase for me as well as my energy levels during the day (and not only when I’m exercising in the gym)