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Tabata Training for Weight Loss

‘Tabata training’ – these two words strike fear into fitness enthusiasts all over the world. However if you want to strip your body fat quickly, this type of training is the ‘daddy’ of all workouts for weight loss! This 4 minute high intensity workout model was invented in Japan and it has the following major benefits:

  1. It helps you to reach your fat stripping goals quicker- as you are exercising at a lung busting intensity
  2. It is based on time and not rep counts- which means the more reps that you perform the fitter you get
  3. You will push through your physical thresholds quicker– this should stop the issue of hitting training plateaus
  4. Short rest intervals in between rounds- seriously improves your fat burning potential and fitness levels
  5. You burn 14 calories minute (1)– which is far more than steady state cardio (jogging at a moderate pace)
  6. Your ‘after burn’ lasts for up to 24 hours– you burn fat after you stop training (this does not happen with steady state cardio).

What we got your attention now? If you are performing steady state cardio like a hamster on a treadmill, it is now time to stop and give Tabata training a try. The fat stripping results are second to none when compared to other training models.

What is a Tabata training model?


Burning calories and building muscle does not have to be over complicated – it is ‘not’ about lifting as much weight as you can. The focus is on the intensity that you put into the workouts, which blasts away belly fat and replaces it with some rock solid abs. All of your big muscle groups are worked, you can use body weight and/or resistance exercises to incinerate that unwanted fat. Don’t be fooled by the name- as Tabata training will make your fat cry and you will sweat buckets.

Here the outline of the Tabata training model:

  1. You exercise at a lung burstingly high intensity for 20 seconds
  2. Then rest for 10 seconds
  3. You can should complete a round of 8 exercises
  4. Each round lasts for 4 minutes- as you get fitter you can stack the rounds up (8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 minutes).

The ultimate fat loss work out

Are you ready to get going? Here comes the sexy  part of the article (although it is all sexy); try this body weight work out and you will get lean rapidly. The real benefits of this Tabata work out are:

  • You can perform it in the park, at home or in the gym
  • You can perform it quickly, with no equipment.

When performing the following 8 exercises you will feel the ‘burn’ in all of your big muscles, which massively increases your fat burning potential. Repeat the work out as many times as you can! Remember that the more effort that you put into each exercise, the quicker you will burn off that stubborn body fat! Enjoy the burn!


Duration Rest


 Sprinting in Place 20 seconds 10 seconds Very High

20 seconds

10 seconds Very High
Squat Jumps  20 seconds 10 seconds

Very High

 Mountain Climbers

20 seconds

10 seconds Very High
Tuck Jumps 20 seconds 10 seconds

Very High

Bear Crawls 

20 seconds

10 seconds Very High
Ice Skaters  20 seconds 10 seconds

Very High

Burpees 20 seconds 10 seconds

Very High

8 Bodyweight exercises

1) Sprinting in place

  1. Like a sprinter, your leg is driven off the ground by the balls of your feet
  2. Keep your head in a relaxed position and concentrate on your breathing
  3. Go from a standing position and raise your knee whilst pumping the opposite arm
  4. To drive faster the leg in the air should be 90 degrees at the hip and the opposite arm at 90 degrees at elbow.
  5. Hands should be a flat and cutting through the air
  6. Fast feet in a smooth rhythm are important to maintain speed
  7. The foot that makes contact should be powerful but controlled

2) Jacks

  1. Start by standing tall with your arms by your side with your legs and feet together
  2. Power up from the legs with your arms reaching high above your head and your legs kicking out
  3. Try to jump at least 6 inches off the ground
  4. Bring your arms and legs back to the starting position on return
  5. Keep the chest open to avoid the shoulders arching
  6. Keep the knees soft on landing

3) Squat Jumps

  1. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart
  2. Place your hands on temples (head) with elbows out to the side with your weight in the heels
  3. Push out your bottom as you lower your hips to 90 degrees from the floor
  4. Keep your knees above the ankles
  5. Power up through your legs and jump landing on your heels
  6. Keep your back straight and your core tight
  7. Exhale on the jump up, inhaling on the landing

4) Mountain Climbers

  1. Start on all fours with your legs hip width apart
  2. Arms shoulder width apart with your hands flat on the floor
  3. Keep your shoulder above your wrists
  4. Your butt should be slightly higher than the regular push up position
  5. Bring your knee towards your chest
  6. Keep your knee on the inside of your arms
  7. Return your leg to the starting position
  8. Alternate legs quickly as you can
  9. Keep a tight core throughout the exercise
  10. Do not allow your back to dip

5) Tuck Jumps

  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  2. Jump off the floor and when in air brings your knees to your chest
  3. Land softly on mid-section of foot, with feet straight and knees over the mid-section of the foot
  4. Like all jumps, the tuck jump shoulder be performed with control

6) Bear Crawls

  1. Begin on your hand and knees in box position
  2. Elbows and wrists in line with your shoulders, fingers facing forward
  3. Knees hip width apart in-line with thighs and hips
  4. Engage your core muscles to support your lower back
  5. Then rise up onto your toes and in a controlled manner reach forward with your left arm and left knee.
  6. This in turn is followed by the right side of your body and then start the crawl
  7. Your bodyweight is now on your hands and toes
  8.  Keeping a smooth rhythm is important to maintain balance and speed of motion during exercise.

7) Ice Skaters

  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and toes pointing forwards
  2. Rapidly push from side to side, whilst keeping the body aligned during the hopping movement
  3. Repeat as quickly and land on ball of feet when hopping off either foot

8) Burpees

  1. Start off in the squat position with your hands placed on the floor
  2. Kick both feet back
  3. Go down into a full body push up
  4. Jump both feet back to return to the squat position
  5. Stand up and end with a jump
  6. Repeat
  7. Maintain smooth controlled motions throughout this exercise
  8. Keep your core tight with a straight back at all times

Tabata Training Conclusion 

In closing, this training has some real fat stripping benefits attached to it. You can perform all of the 8 body weight exercises anywhere, you should hammer the number of reps within 20 seconds and the rest period is very short at 10 seconds.

By exercising all of the major groups with the intensity of a sprinter, you increase your chances of a successful weight loss. Be prepared for a real butt busting time, which will maximize your fat burning potential!  Try the above work out and see for yourself!

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