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Quick Morning Ab Workout At Home

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When you’re ripped, the muscle group that looks the best is definitely your abs. Having a toned up torso completes any physique, and gives your body that fitness model look that everyone wants.

But building up your abs takes time, and which may not fit in with your schedule.

To fix this Jason and Alexia have teamed up to show a quick 5 minute morning ab workout that you can do as soon as you wake up.

Benefits of a Morning Ab Workout

The major benefits of this workout is that it only takes 5 minutes, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

Waking up a fraction earlier gives you all the time you need to complete the workout and take another step towards those all important popping abs.

You could even add to the start, or to the end of your main workout.

This ab routine contains the following exercises:

  • Leg Lift Plank
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Plank Knockouts

You only need to do one set of each exercise, but you should be aiming to do 100 reps of each.


Exercise #1: Leg Lift Plank

This is the first exercise in this routine, and it’s probably the toughest: The Leg Lift Plank.plank-leg-lift

The muscles you’ll be training here are your:

  • Abs
  • Obliques (Sides of your core)
  • Glutes

Here’s how you do it:

  • Start off in a regular planking position (Lying on your front balancing your weight on tip-toes and forarms)
  • Curl one leg up in the air towards the ceiling
  • Bring leg back to original position
  • Repeat with other leg

Reps: 100 (50 with each leg)

PRO TIP #1: Make sure to keep your back straight at all times
PRO TIP #2: If you start to get tired just aim to get your toes off the ground


Exercise #2: Bicycle Crunches

After finishing your Leg Lift Plank you want to move directly onto the next exercise: Bicycle Crunches.bicycle-crunches

The muscles being worked in this exercise include:

  • Lower Abs
  • Obliques (Sides of your core)
  • Iliopsoas (Hip Flexors)

This is how you perform the exercise:

  • Lie on your back
  • Hands on the side of your head with your elbows pointing outward
  • Take your legs off the ground
  • Bring a bent leg up towards you, twist your torso and touch it with your opposite elbow
  • Straighten your leg and repeat it the movement with your other side

Reps: 100 (50 with each leg)

PRO TIP #1: Twist your elbow towards your knee with your abs, and twist your knee towards your elbow with your hips
PRO TIP #2: Too easy? Perform the exercise on an incline bench to make it the exercise more difficult


Exercise #3: Plank Knockouts

This is the final exercise of the for the morning ab workout, and it’s one of the best: Plank Knockouts. You’ll really feel this one in the sides of your core.plank-knockouts

These are the muscles that will benefit from Plank Knockouts:

  • Obliques (Side of your core)
  • Shoulders

This is how you do it:

  • Get into the standard planking position (balancing on forearms and tip toes)
  • Take one arm off the floor and extend it in a punching motion
  • Bring it back into the original planking position
  • Repeat with other arm

Reps: 100 (50 with each arm)

PRO TIP #1As always with planking, make sure to keep your back straight at all times
PRO TIP #2: Twist your core with the punch to get the most benefit


Quick Morning Ab Workout Conclusion

If you struggle to fit abs into your workout, Alexia and Jason’s ‘Abstravaganza’ is a perfect mini workout to do first thing in the morning, or just something extra to add to the end of your routine.

The combination of Leg Lift Planks, Bicycle Crunches and Plank Knockouts train the full extent of your core, as well giving some secondary benefit to your glutes, hips and shoulders.

However, training abs alone will not bring out that elusive six-pack, you need to be dropping body fat as well – and the ingredients in Instant Knockout are good way to do that.

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