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No Motivation to Lose Weight?: Let’s Change That

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You might have been here before. You wanted to lose weight but just couldn’t quite get the wheels in motion.

You might have even hit your target weight but then slowly but surely seen the weight creep back on.

Either way, this article is for those that just can’t quite seem to get motivated. And rightly so – habit is a powerful thing to change.

But in this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know to change that. Today’s the day you carve out a new you.

So give this a read and then enjoy the journey. This time it’s going to be a successful one…

Make Small Changes… One at a Time

Have you ever tried to lose weight at the start of the new year? If so you’ll understand this one all too well. And if not this is how new year weight loss resolutions usually occur…

  • You go from being an inactive person to exercising 5 times per week
  • You ditch the junk foods and try to survive on lettuce, chia seeds and organic blueberries
  • You give your lifestyle a complete overhaul – you cycle to work
  • You basically go from zero to one-million kilometers per hour overnight

Focusing on ‘mini habits’ helps you maintain motivation by still allowing you treats and vices without restricting. It also stops you suffering the fall out from a complete life overhaul that you just can’t keep up with.

Research tells us that making smaller changes over a period of time is much more motivating than a more restrictive, aggressive approach. So if you currently eat fast food 4 times per week, just reduce it down to 3 for a couple of weeks. And then 2. and then zero. Don’t just jump from one end of the scale to the other.

The gradual shift will be less strenuous and ultimately lead to better adherence and better motivation to get the job done.

Summary: Making smaller, more manageable changes to your lifestyle gives you a better chance of staying motivation on your weight loss journey.

Brown-haired young woman writing her weight loss goals down in a floral notebook with a pencil

Set a Realistic Goal

There’s nothing less motivating then not hitting a long-term target you set for yourself. It’s the same for relying on sheer willpower too.

Research tells us that you’re less likely to reach your weight loss target if you set one big goal compared to setting a series of regular, sub-goals.

Incorporating a more ‘step-by-step’ approach with multiple check points helps to motivate you by constantly edging you in the right direction.

But what happens if you don’t achieve a checkpoint? Won’t that be demotivating too?

No. Imagine you’ve got a destination to get to in your car that’s 100 kilometers away. And to get to that destination you set various checkpoints along the way – one at 10 km, 30 km, 50 km and so on.

You take one wrong road. Okay, it might mean you missed one checkpoint. But it doesn’t mean you’ll miss your destination. You just find an alternative road – but it’ll still get you to that end point.

You wouldn’t just turn around and go home because of one wrong turn would you?

It’s always better to gauge progress towards the end point, not just the end point itself.

Summary: If you want to lose 16 lb in 8 weeks, set a checkpoint of 2 lb each week. And if you don’t hit one of your mini goals then adjust your approach.

Ignore ‘Fitspiration’ Messages

Many people choose to stick pictures of famous fitness models and celebrities on to their fridges in the hope that the constant reminder of ‘the goal’ will beat them into dietary submission and spur them in to greater motivation.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Using role models and so called social media fitspiration messages (these are usually a toned, athletic model stood next to some motivational quote) can be counterproductive to your goals.


Because they set you up to fail. And they’re often negative messages which land fault and blame directly at you.

Research suggests that aspiring to look like a professional fitness model can be demotivating – let’s not forget, it’s their full time job to look good, and they’re more than likely airbrushed in those pictures too.

There’s also a significant link between those who regularly like, share and save social media fitspiration messages and the gradual development of eating disorders too.

So don’t worry about what anyone else looks like – you’re on this journey for you and only you.

If you really feel like you need a role model to look up to then focus on real role models with real, positive stories like yours.

Summary: Using fitspiration messages and images as motivation isn’t a good thing. It can set you up to fail, give you an unachievable goal to work towards and can cause negative associations with food and exercise.

Unmotivated young woman looking at fruit and vegetables in her kitchen

Don’t Blame Yourself If Something Goes Wrong

You’ve been doing well. Really well in fact.

The weight is coming down nicely and you’re starting to believe that this time it might actually happen.

But then you have a blip. You treat yourself to some indulgent snack and that treat turns into an absolute mega calorie binge.

But what next?

Well it really depends on your frame of mind.

It happens – and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Either you shrug your shoulders, accept it as a moment of weakness and just carry on with your healthy eating plan. Or you throw in the towel and end up back at square one.

It is important to realise that weight loss is ‘the long game’ and there’ll be many blips along the way. Does burning off 1,000 kcal in one long gym session change your physique overnight? No of course not, it takes a few sessions to notice any differences.

And it works the other way too. Having a binge won’t affect your body that much either – but regular ones will. You just need to get back on your diet as soon as you can and forget all about it.

Summary: There’s no room for blame when you’re trying to boost motivation. When blips occur, forget about them and get back on track without feeling guilty.

Get a Training Partner and Boost Accountability

Having a training partner that you can share the journey with helps to boost motivation and accountability.

Social support relates to the enabling hypothesis which states that help from peers improves motivation and self-efficacy. It elevates the belief that you can succeed and helps to build a more positive outlook when it comes to weight loss.

So rather than going it alone, try and share the journey with a friend or buddy.

When those dark nights set in and you just can’t find the motivation to get out of the house and work out in the gym, just remember – you’ll be letting your partner down too and not just yourself.

Research has shown time and time again that buddy systems help with weight loss much more effectively than going it on your own.

Summary: Sharing the weight loss journey with a training partner or friend can really boost motivation, accountability and overall outlook.

Middle-aged woman sat on her sofa reading social community support group information on her tablet

Join an Online Group

What if you can’t find a training buddy? Or you need just that little bit more support?

Joining an online group provides easy-to-access, unlimited support for those who need more motivation when it comes to successful weight loss. You can even get ideas on new home workouts, hints and tips, and expert advice from group trainers and admins.

And the beauty of these is that many of them are free too.

If you need motivational words about your progress, recipe ideas for that slightly boring diet you’re on or just to read inspiring success stories from people like you then groups are a good way forward – particularly private groups where you know you can speak in confidence.

Summary: Online weight loss groups provide ongoing support, motivation, hints and tips and inspirational stories from like-minded people.


The journey to successful weight loss isn’t an easy one. Not only are there temptations and potential pitfalls along the way, there’s also no guarantee you’ll be successful… unless you stay motivated.

By following our guide you’ll be fully prepared for anything that’s thrown at you. You’ll keep your motivation high and you’ll reap the rewards.

So this time it will be different, and this time you will be successful. Now go and do it!

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