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New Year’s Fat Loss Hacks: Top 5 Tips

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These New Year’s Fat Loss Hacks are for those that have been hitting the holidays a little too hard this year.

You may be big and bloated now, but there’s ample time to recover and get in the best shape of your life come beach season and Summer.

The hardest part to get through is right now – and this is how you do it.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to get back in control of your cut – this is the guide you need to read.

This is your New Year’s Fat Loss Hacks guide; how to shred up after the season has got your motivation down.

New Year’s Fat Loss Hacks: Top 5 Tips

1. Aim for Change – Not for Numbers

One of the main mistakes everyone makes when making a New Year’s Resolution is to lose so many pounds, or however many kilograms by a specific deadline.

This is the worst thing you can do.

It’s not about how much you lose – it’s what you lose.

Cutting down to a goal weight at speed can cost you muscle and water weight instead of fat. Essentially sapping your gain and dehydrating you in the process.

Instead, just look to clean up your diet.

Have more vegetables, cut down on sugar, eat fats – but good ones.

You can see our top tips for diet and cleaner living over on our Tips to Get Shredded Fast article.

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2. It’s Okay to Cheat

If you’ve been lax on your diet all month, you’re going to want to ease in to your new lifestyle.

Dumping all of your snacks and buying in only chicken breast and lettuce may seem like an effective way to get back on top of your diet – but you’ll end up resenting it.

Having a serious cheat day once a week may sound like a back step, but it’ll keep your cravings satisfied and prevent any outrageous binges.

Cheating on a low calorie diet has also seen to heighten metabolism levels and can help you cut even more in the long run.

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3. Log Everything

If you’ve been training a while, chances are you don’t keep a log book any more – or maybe you never did.

No matter how long you’ve been training – log everything.

Tracking your progress is key to tracking your progress, and how you can make more it.

For this New Year’s Fat Loss Hack, start writing down exactly what you do during each training session, and aim to beat it the next week.

As long as you’re doing something more, whether it’s upping the weight, increasing the rep range or adding another minute to your HIIT – you’ll definitely make some serious improvements.

4. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

A lot of people hate it, but it’s one of the best methods out there to cut fat at speed after the holidays.

Getting back into cardio after a long time away can be daunting – but with HIIT you can kick some serious ass in just over 10 minutes.

You can do HIIT on almost any cardio machine, but for the best results we recommend the bike.

This is an exercise that can take between 10 and 15 minutes and can over time give you some incredible results.

Start with the machine in it’s lowest setting and gently train for the first 60 seconds – then jack it up to the highest setting for the next 60.

Switching back and forth between these two settings is one of the hardest types of cardio you can do – but it’s also the fastest.

With each session taking around quarter of an hour you can easily add it to the end of your session without taking up too much time.

5. Seasonal Spotters

If you’re struggling to get motivated after the binge-month you’ve just been through, find someone in the same boat.

Getting a training partner who has similar goals to you is a great idea for getting forcing yourself to the gym and motivating each other back into shape.

This will make sure you’re training constantly and that you’re not skimping out on any aspects of training you don’t like – whether it’s certain exercises, or not keeping on track with your diet as well as you could be.

Adding a bit of friendly competition to the mix is always a good way to ensure constant progress and even helps boost testosterone levels [1] which helps cut down fat and increases muscle mass.

New Year’s Fat Loss Hacks: Conclusion

If you’ve let yourself go a little too far this season, these are the steps you need to follow to right all the wrongs.

You’re probably not going to be able to factor all of these changes into your lifestyle, but if you’re going to add any we definitely suggest following points #1 and #3.

Don’t aim to cut a specific amount of weight – aim to cut fat. Just cutting weight can cost you muscle and can slow or even reverse your progress.

Instead just follow a full balanced diet and just remove any unnecessary foods that contain a lot of sugar, simple carbs and any bad types of fat.

Log everything too. The more you write about your progress, the easier it is to improve upon. If you train on specific days, have a look at what you achieved in your last session – then look to beat it. It’ll definitely help you in the long run.

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[1] Booth A., Shelley G., Mazur A., Tharp G. & Kittok R. Testosterone, and winning and losing in human competition. Horm Behav 23, 556–571 (1989).