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Greg Jackson: Beginner’s Workout Plan

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Top MMA coach Greg Jackson has partnered with Instant Knockout to bring you the best beginner’s workout for anybody looking to get fighting fit.

Greg Jackson’s beginner’s workout is a combination of cardio, weight training and body weight exercises. This helps raise your body’s strength, stamina and endurance. Exactly what you’d need to go the distance in a fight.

This isn’t aimed at people who want to get into better shape – this for those who want to go the extra mile and take their training to the next level and attain a high standard of fitness.

Needless to say, this is going to be a lot tougher than other Beginner workouts you may have seen or tried.

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What to expect from this workout program

This is a two week split session, meaning you’ll switching back and forth between Week A and Week B to give your body that variety and exertion it needs for the best results.

Each week involves six days of compacted and specialized circuits, designed to get you ripped, strong and shredded. From various body weight exercises, to intense cardio and serious work with free-weights, there’s everything a newbie could hope for in Greg’s training program for all over development.

Some of these workouts you can perform at home, others you may need a gym, but what you need more than anything else for this program is commitment. For the best results you need to stick to this routine for at least a few months – and feel free to add any of your own exercises to add to the challenge.

What you will need for this workout: The Specifics

As this program involves elements of both home training and gym work, you need to ensure that your gym is equipped with certain items to carry out this program the way it was intended.

Check to see if your gym has:

  • Pull Up Bar
  • Dipping Station
  • Bench Press (Decline & Flat)
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Plyometric box (Alternative – stacked plates)
  • Kettlebells (Alternative – Dumbbell)
  • Treadmill
  • Rowing Machine
  • Exercise Bike

This is all standard equipment in most commercial gyms, however, we’ve listed alternatives for the harder to come by items.

Advice Before Starting

Pace Yourself

With circuits, the temptation can be to perform it as fast as possible and write it off as another successful workout. This is how injuries happen. Performing an exercise too quickly can lead to injuries such as strains, tears and inflammations.

Warm up before an exercise session, do it slow and do it right.

Correct Form

This is another big one, and one of the more important. Not keeping strict form can lead to muscle imbalances or worse, injuries. Before starting this program familiarize yourself with each exercise, and find what weight works best for you to keep a good tempo during your circuit.

Feel Unwell?

If you start to feel dizzy or light-headed at any point during this session, stop immediately. This could happen due to overexertion, dehydration or health issues. If you continue to feel this way whenever you attempt the program, consult with your doctor, or another medical professional.

Download the Greg Jackson Beginner’s Workout Plan:

Greg Jackson's Beginner MMA Workout

Greg Jackson’s Beginner MMA Workout

If you want to burn fat, but also get fighting fit in the the process this one’s for you. Greg Jackson is a top-of-the-line MMA coach known for getting the best out of his students, and now he can do the same for you. With this gym-adapted fat loss routine, you can fight the flab like the pros.


— PDF 516KB —

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