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Getting Ripped For Summer: Do’s and Don’ts

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When Summer’s approaching, nothing feels better than being in shape. With rippling beach body ready abs and an all-over shredded physique – you’re definitely going to stand out from the crowd.

But how do you get a beach body in the first place? And what are the classic mistakes, people make when trying to look their best for Summer?

If you’re currently working on your summer cut this is the ultimate guide to look as good as the beach you’ll walk on.

This is ‘Getting Ripped For Summer: Do’s and Don’ts’, the rules every Summer Shredder needs to follow to get the results you want without falling into any pitfalls you may encounter during training.

Here’s the low down:

1. DON’T: Go ‘Fat-Free’

This is a classic mistake most people make when gearing up for the sunny season. Although to shred up you’re calories have to be reduced, they still need to be balanced – but many people think they get the best results from lowering their fat intake dramatically.

This is definitely not a good idea.

As long as you’re eat the right kinds of fats, like avocados and eggs, you won’t have to worry about piling on the pounds. In fact, these types of fats can contribute towards higher levels of testosterone.

More testosterone in your system not only helps promote muscle mass, but can also reduce the fat your body stores.avacado-fat-beach

2. DO: Reduce your calories – But don’t go crazy!

Anyone will tell you that the best way to shred down is by following a caloric deficit – essentially eating less calories than your burning up.

Remember; losing weight and burning fat are two totally different things.

If you’re not meeting your goals, it can be tempting to start getting stricter on your diet and reducing your calorie intake dramatically – but don’t.

Eating next to nothing every day is not only going to affect your performance in the gym – it’ll also cost you muscle mass.

On top of this, keeping your food intake at a minimum is not only physically draining, but mentally too – you’ll resent your diet and eventually find yourself binging. It happens to the best of us.

Above all, you need to keep realistic about your goals. Work out what your standard calorie intake maintains your current size and reduce it by 200 – 400 calories. This should be a manageable amount to handle and should just burn off any unwanted fat.

3. DON’T: Focus on Everyone Else

A real sap to motivation when shredding up for Summer is comparing yourself to other people, especially online.

Sometimes they’ve made more progress than you, sometimes they’ve made less – The important thing is not to worry.

You’re not getting ripped for them – you’re doing it for yourself.

The important thing to remember is that everybody’s different and if you’re on a great diet and training harder than ever – you’ll definitely be pleased with the results.

4. DO: Get a Good Fat Burner

If you’re struggling to get ripped in the build-up to Summer, you should definitely look into a fat burner.

By performing multiple functions throughout the body, fat burners target stubborn fat without risking muscle mass.

The main benefits of using a fat burner include:

  • Thermogenesis – Burn more calories, increase calorie deficit
  • Increased Energy and Metabolism – Workout for longer during a low calorie cut
  • Suppressed Appetite – Stops cravings between meal times

The top performing fat burner on the market is Instant Knockout. Containing the best natural ingredients, and in generous amounts, Instant Knockout is one of the best fat burners on the market for making healthy and efficient fat loss.

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5. DON’T: Just Train Abs

When getting ripped for summer the first body part people want to improve is their abs – but how they go about it, isn’t always the right way.

If you’re training abs, but you’re not losing fat you’re not going to attain those classic six-pack abs you’re hoping for.

Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still be building muscle around your core – but actually seeing the results is a different matter.

If you’re not losing fat – you’re not going to see your abs. The best way to look ripped is to be ripped, and the only way to do that is to start burning fat, the lower your body fat the more clear your abs will be.

Getting Ripped For Summer: Do’s and Don’ts Conclusion

Overall if you’re looking to get that finished look of classic six-pack abs, we suggest you check your routine and your diet to make sure you’re not going against any of these golden rules.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they first start their Summer shred is to cut fat immediately from their diet. Healthy dietary fats are not the problem, taking in a balanced amount of fats from nutrients like avocados, eggs and nuts can actually promote muscle mass and decrease fat storage.

Fat Burning supplements are another way to keep on top of your cut. Instant Knockout in particular contains a range of safe and effective ingredients to help you cut body fat, prevent cravings and boost energy levels while getting ripped.

Find out more about how Instant Knockout can get you in the best shape for summer. Take a look at exactly what goes into Instant Knockout over here.