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Fat Loss Level 1 Workout Plan

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Fat loss can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re new to going the gym, you’ll have an idea of what you want to achieve, you just don’t how to get it… until now.

Welcome to Level 1.

This is Instant Knockout’s first tier of its intense fat burning program. An exercise guide catered to those who are new to the gym, looking to strip down to that strong, sexy shape. If you want washboard abs, a toned physique and an overall healthier lifestyle, this is program that will put you on the right track.

Who is Instant Knockout’s Level 1 for?

Anyone who is passionate about cutting fat. Whether you’re preparing for a sport, a vacation, or just a healthier lifestyle, everyone should be allowed to be shredded if they want to be, whatever they’re background.

Level 1 is the most accessible fat burning program we have, and it’s a good place to start for anyone who’s new to training for fat loss.

With a one week split of easy to perform exercises, this workout targets all the main muscle groups in the body with the optimum rep-range, burning the most fat and gets you closer to your target physique.

What about if I can’t perform some exercises?

If you’re new to working out completely, it’s understandable that you may struggle with some exercises at first – and that’s not a problem.

Exercises can be simplified by either lowering the weight, or reducing the amount of time you perform the exercises (e.g. reducing Plank from 30 seconds to 20, etc.). This allows you to become more familiar with the workout, master your form and improve your strength until you can perform the exercise comfortably.

With pull-ups, you can either use a pull-up assist machine (if you’re gym has one) or lat pull-down at a light weight. For push-ups you can perform this exercise from your knees rather than your feet.

It may take you a few weeks, but you will be able to do this routine, and you’ll burn a lot of fat in the process.

Can I do any other exercises as well?

As long as you’re losing fat, that’s all that matters, if you like some exercises from another routine, feel free to throw them in the mix.

Just don’t overdo it, doing too much too fast can lead to over-training problems or worse, an injury. Take it one step at a time, make sure you’re comfortable with your current workout before progressing onto something more.

Over time you’ll come to learn what works best for your body, and what’s harder to get results from. Nobody knows your body better than you. All exercises have a cost, but not all exercises have a benefit – find what works for you, and before you know it, you’ll be making your own workout routine.

What else is in the Level 1 Fat Loss Program?

Aside from a workout split, the Level 1 Fat Loss workout also includes a short guide to beginner’s nutrition along with some workout tips.

The nutrition guide covers some of the basics on what you should be eating, and the best times to eat them for the best fat burning results. Without a proper diet, there’s only so much you can achieve working out.

You’ll also find a section on workout tips which offers some general do’s and don’ts when it comes to exercising.

These are all included to tell you not just what to do when losing fat, but why you do it – something that you don’t get with a lot of other fat loss programs out there.

Download the Level One Workout Plan:

Level 1 Workout Plan

Instant Knockout: Level 1

Our most accessible, fat burning plan for beginners. These are the basic staples for anybody who’s to new to making serious fat loss. With challenging workouts, recovery day advice and basic fitness and nutrition tips for beginners, your fat burning journey starts here.


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Level 1 Summary

Level 1 is for those who are serious about cutting fat, and want to learn the workouts that do this most effectively.

This is a perfect routine for anybody who is new to the gym and wants to attain a leaner stronger physique. This week split gives you the core essentials to burning fat and exercising properly.

This rough guideline is your building block to a better body, and a more productive gym experience.

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If you want to burn extra calories and reach your goal even faster, we can recommend no better option than Instant Knockout.

As the best natural fat burner on the market, Instant Knockout provides your body with the nutrients it needs to constantly burn calories, this puts you in a great position for getting that lean, shredded physique. It also supports energy levels and appetite suppression, keeping you in control while you cut.

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