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Downloadable Workout Guides


As a loyal Instant Knockout customer, we’re rewarding you with exclusive workout guides you won’t find anywhere else. You now have full access to the Instant Knockout workout guide archive. The ultimate resource for fat burning workout plans.

This is just between us…

At the moment, these workouts are 100% Exclusive and cannot be found on the Instant Knockout website. This is our way of saying thank you for being loyal fans to the brand, and continuing to kick serious ass in the gym.

No matter what your skill level is, or how long you’ve been going the gym, we’ve worked with top fitness specialists to design comprehensive workout plans that can aid all ranges of men and women burn fat.

On this page you will find links to:

  • Fat Burning: Level 1 – A repeatable weekly-split of fat burning exercises for beginners
  • Fat Burning: Level 2 – One step up from Level 1, a more challenging fat burning split for experienced gym goers
  • Fat Burning: 4 Week Workout Plan – A demanding 28 day program to lose fat fast
  • Greg Jackson’s Beginner MMA Workout – An effective gym-based fat loss program for those looking to get fighting fit

Which gives you a lot of tools to choose from, whatever you want your goal physique to look like this Summer.

Here they are in more detail:

Level 1 Workout Plan

Instant Knockout: Level 1

Our most accessible, fat burning plan for beginners. These are the basic staples for anybody who’s to new to making serious fat loss. With challenging workouts, recovery day advice and basic fitness and nutrition tips for beginners, your fat burning journey starts here.


— PDF 465KB —

Level 2 Workout Plan

Instant Knockout: Level 2

The next step up from Level 1. This is aimed at more experienced in the gym. Maybe you’ve been training for over a year, made some good progress and now you want to shred down and show the world what you’re made of. This is definitely the best plan to do this with – it’s the ultimate plan for the intermediate.


— PDF 571KB —

28 Day Split

Instant Knockout: 28 day split

This is the most in-depth fat burner workout plan we’ve done so far. No frills, just hardcore training and results. This is for anyone who’s looking to challenge themselves for a month and see what they’re made of. We suggest this plan to the truly dedicated.


— PDF 674KB —

Greg Jackson's Beginner MMA Workout

Greg Jackson’s Beginner MMA Workout

If you want to burn fat, but also get fighting fit in the the process this one’s for you. Greg Jackson is a top-of-the-line MMA coach known for getting the best out of his students, and now he can do the same for you. With this gym-adapted fat loss routine, you can fight the flab like the pros.


— PDF 516KB —

Workout Plan FAQ

Are these for both Men and Women?

Of course.

Fat doesn’t discriminate, and neither do we. These workouts work well for both men and women – as the amount of weight you use in this workout is entirely up to you.

Whatever your gender, whatever your skill set, the difficulty of this workout is determined by how hard you want to push yourself – and those who want it more, get more.

Just as long as you’re not over-training and performing each exercise with good form, with it still being a challenge, you’ll start to see improvements in no time.

Do I need Equipment for these Workouts?

For some of them you won’t, but most them you will. To avoid any restrictions to your workout, we strongly suggest you perform these workouts in a fully furnished gym.

Can I do more workouts at the same time?

Can you?

No matter which program you pick, these are some pretty demanding workouts. However, if you feel you can make it better for by adding either a few more exercises or changing one for an alternative, you are free to do so.

We don’t mind as long as you are still losing fat and getting closer towards your own goals.

Is there anything else I need to do?

Be patient.

Burning fat is not a race, and rushing this process too much can lead to losing muscle in the process. Make sure you have a good dietand a good workout plan in place.

Then all you have to do is take your time.

What should I do after I’ve finished my cut?

If you’ve finished your cut and looking ripped, enjoy it for a while – and then take it one step further.
TestoFuel is another supplement produced by Roar Ambition that promotes testosterone levels and lean muscle growth.

They’ve recently put together some muscle gainer workouts that you definitely want to see if you want to have a clean bulk at any point.

And guess what? We’ve given you exclusive access to their plans too.

Check them out below: