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Could Neurostimulation Headsets Help You Lose Weight?

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Let’s be honest; losing weight or going on a cut can be hard work.

Meal prepping, hunger, endless hours in the gym and macro tracking are all tough.

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t achieve their physique goals is because of adherence – some weight loss programs are just too hard to stick to.

And equipment manufacturers know this – that’s why each year there’s some new ‘state-of-the-art’ or ‘groundbreaking new device that promises fast weight loss with less effort.

They aim to give you false hope because they know you’re looking for an easier or more time-efficient alternative.

In this article we take a look at one of those bits of kit – neurostimulation headsets – wearable technology that’s claimed to speed up weight loss.

Could it really be the key to an easier route to physique development or will it just end up on the trash heap after a few weeks with the other infomercial products?

Let’s take a look…

What Are Neurostimulation Headsets?

When it comes to wearable technology for enhancing exercise there are hundreds of different types. From pedometers to accelerometers, you’ve got an almost endless number of gadgets to choose from.

Neurostimulation headsets are non-invasive and are said to target the areas of the brain that control where and how much fat you store.

It is claimed that the device was designed by neuroscience researchers in San Diego.

At just under $350 per headset they aren’t cheap either.

How might neurostimulation headsets work?

Manufacturers say that through specific low-power electrical pulse signals, the headset can suppress appetite and increase metabolism.

They are lightweight and plastic and wrap around the back of your head.

The typical placement for the signal- transmitting electrodes is behind the ear (right where your mastoid bones lie).

Neurostimulation is said to work by targeting your vestibular nerve. And this in turn stimulates your hypothalamus – a kind of master computer located in your brain.

The theory is that because the hypothalamus is the gland that controls how much food you eat, as well as hunger and satiety, it can trick it into thinking you’re being more active than you really are.

And the result is that your brain tells your body to store less energy in your adipose cells, leading to fat loss.

Much like a headband or wrap-around head phones, this specialized technology promises real time effects and great results.

And what’s more, it even suggests that you can lose weight and burn fat without exercising.

Convinced? No we aren’t either.

But let’s take a look at what the research says…

Blonde-haired woman in pink sportswear enjoys a workout on the beach wearing her exercise headset

Key Point: Neurostimulation headsets are wearable wrap-around technology devices that claim to trick your brain into burning more fat.

Can Neurostimulation Boost Weight Loss?

FDA approval as a wellness device

Neurostimulation headsets have been passed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a wellness device, not a weight loss device.

This means that it is safe for use… but it doesn’t mean it works.

To date there’s been one unpublished research ‘project’ conducted on the neurostimulation headset. And even that is fraught with controversy.

Neurostimulation wearable research

It’s been claimed that wearing the neurostimulation headset for 45 minutes every day can lead to weight loss when worn for 4 months. You can burn between 2 and 16% more fat according to the authors of the study.

The problem is that the claims made on manufacturer websites are just that – claims. And whilst it’s important to find a balance between the laboratory and real life, ‘anecdotes don’t make data’.

The problem with company-funded research

A research study is a research study right?

Well, no.

All good research is independent. It’s devised, formulated, collected and disseminated by researchers who have the sole intention of letting the masses know if something works or not.

They’re not in it for any other gains; particularly financial.

But the one research study (which can’t be found on any high profile biomedical literature website) that is used to sell these devices was carried out fully by the very company that gains to profit from its sales.

This means you’re relying solely on the results published not though science, but through the website of the very company trying to sell you the wearable in the first place.

And just to give you an idea of how biased company research can be – 67% of studies paid for and written by ‘for profit’ organizations favor the device and treatment [1]. That’s far more than you’d expect if the approach was independent.

Why is it so high? Purely and simply because companies want to sell you their product. No other reason.

Neurostimulation headsets have no more scientific merit than a story from a friend or tall tale.

The additional fat loss by using one might be true; but the chances are it isn’t.

Key Point: When it comes to research, there just isn’t the evidence that neurostimulation headsets work. The one supposed research project was confounded with poor reliability.

Is There a Better Option?

Losing weight is a game of numbers.

When you take in less calories than you burn off through day-to-day activities and exercise you create an energy deficit.

And it’s this deficit or negative energy balance that stimulates the release of stored fat to be used as energy. The more fat cells release their stored energy, the more shrink. And this of course leads to fat loss.

This is a true, tried and tested way of achieving weight loss. And a neurostimulation device simply can’t replace it.

Instant Knockout

Once you’ve achieved your calorie deficit you can make some big changes to your physique by adding in some all-natural, nutrient dense fat burning.

Originally designed for MMA fighters that needed to drop fat quickly for a fight, Instant Knockout brings a powerful punch of ingredients that:

  • Boost energy – train harder and feel better in the gym
  • Ramp up fat loss – harness the thermogenic effect and shred excess fat
  • Control appetite – naturally suppress your hunger and control calorie intake

Combining Instant Knockout with a calorie deficit is the best way to drop body fat and carve out a new physique.


Whilst neurostimulation headsets claim to target the pathways that control appetite and fat loss, there’s no independent research to back up the claims.

And even then, once you weigh up the high cost of the device against any potential benefit, it’s just not worth it. There are other lifestyle changes and products that can deliver far better (and more cost effective) results.

We suggest that you avoid this device and consider a more robust method of weight loss.

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