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Cayenne Pepper

Sometimes, it’s the most simple of nutritional changes that can make the biggest differences and have the largest impact on your progress.

Making a subtle change here and there can really drive your progress and take your physique to a new level – if you make the right choices of course.

That’s because some foods have a direct effect on your metabolism, helping you burn more calories and shred more fat. Adding these foods into your diet will make a big difference

And that’s where cayenne pepper comes in.

What is Cayenne Pepper?

Cayenne pepper comes from the Capsicum annuum, a south American species of plant related to the bell pepper and paprika.

Otherwise known as bird pepper, Guinea spice and simply red pepper, it is famed for its hot and spicy taste and its pungent, distinctive aroma. Cayenne contains a bioactive compound called capsaicin – an alkaloid compound that is responsible for the spiciness of chilies.

As a ‘neurogenic inflammatory’ capsaicin acts as an irritant, stimulating the same receptors that pain does. This is why hot chili gives you a feeling of burning and pain, even though no burning is actually taking place.

How hot is cayenne?

To give you an idea of how hot cayenne pepper is, on the Scoville heat unit scale, it comes in at 30,000-50,000. To give that some context, bell peppers score a zero and mega-intense chilies such as Naga Jolokia and Carolina reapers score over 1 million. And just for the record, pure capsaicin rolls across your tongue at an eye-watering 15 million!

So red pepper has definitely got some heat.. it’s just not the hottest out there by any stretch of the imagination.

Why is cayenne pepper a good fat burner?

One of the things that makes Instant Knockout so great is its power to command high levels of thermogenesis throughout the body. This gives the body that famous ‘full body burn’ that allows you to burn fat cells round the clock, rather than just during your gym sessions.

And it wouldn’t be the same without cayenne pepper. 

That’s because the high capsaicin makes cayenne one of the most potent thermogenics around.

Due to its natural capsaicin content, this fiery chili has the ability to raise core temperature and overall body heat. This sparks a natural process of heat regulation, leading to your body working hard to cool itself back down to normal levels.

It is here where thermogenesis occurs. As the body is readjusting it uses up more calories in the process of cooling and burns more calories without any additional conscious efforts.

A wooden spoon full of cayenne pepper on a wooden table and chili peppers in the background

Cayenne Pepper and Weight Loss: The Benefits

Cayenne pepper is high in antioxidants and carotenoids, both of which promote health, well-being and longevity. You’ll also find vitamin C in abundance here too.

Adding spice to your diet on a regular basis helps with heartburn and acid reflux and helps to relieve symptoms of digestive illness too.

A lot of people when they start cutting put too much focus on the amount of calories coming in, as opposed to the ones coming out. The best way to cut fat is to always work at a caloric deficit, although it sounds obvious the amount of people that forget this, or fall victim to temptation is staggering.

As the cayenne pepper promotes thermogenesis, it creates an increased amount of calories being burned on top your usual diet and routine. This allows for a greater deficit and quicker results when it comes to burning fat.

Overall, the health benefits of cayenne pepper are:

  • Improves heart and vascular health
  • Regulates metabolic profile including blood sugar levels
  • Improves digestive health
  • Protects against strokes
  • Boosts immune system

Chili peppers and dried seeds in a bowl on a wooden table

Research – How Does Cayenne Pepper Boost Fat Loss?

When it comes to backing up the thermogenic claims, there’s a huge amount of data in this nutrient’s favor. And the deeper you go into the science, the more you notice that cayenne doesn’t just help you burn fat through…

Cayenne pepper ramps up metabolic rate and energy expenditure

Published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology [1] a group of men were given the same meal – only one group had 10 grams of cayenne pepper added to it. Researchers wanted to analyze any potential changes to metabolic rate and energy expenditure.

The scientists monitored the men during and after their meal, and found that for 30 minutes after the 650 calorie meal, energy expenditure was significantly higher. And at 120 minutes, carbohydrate oxidation was higher.

Red pepper extract helps to reduce energy intake

From the esteemed journal Appetite, a large meta-analysis of 10 individual research studies found that cayenne pepper supported weight management by helping participants create an energy deficit [2].

When the studies were analyzed collectively, chili extract was found to help reduce the amount of food they ate by 74 calories – and that was with only 2 mg of the spice.

And these results have been echoed in other meta-analyses too, where red pepper not only decreased energy intake but elevated fat oxidation too [3].

Boosts energy when you’re in a deficit… and burns more fat

An interesting study from 2013 found that when volunteers were in a 25% negative energy balance, cayenne pepper supported weight loss by offsetting the unfavourable drop in energy levels [4].

In the research, scientists observed the volunteers over a 24-hour period on 4 separate occasions, each after eating a meal containing 1 gram capsaicin-rich red pepper extract.

And what they found was that the addition of capsaicin to the meals significantly increased the 24 h fat oxidation in negative energy balance, as well helping the volunteers keep burning calories, even though they were in a pretty big energy deficit.

All-in-all there are four main benefits to your shred that this nutrient offers:

  • Increased thermogenesis and fatty acid oxidation
  • Boosts metabolic rate
  • Decreases energy intake
  • Increases energy during an energy deficit

The Solution – Why Cayenne Pepper?

As we want to give our users the best results as possible, we made sure to put a generous amount of cayenne pepper into every serving. The increased levels of thermogenesis with the combined benefits of appetite suppression and potent energy boosting that you can get from this nutrient alone were too good to pass up in Instant Knockout.

With 100 mg in each daily serving of our fat burner, you’ll definitely be feeling the heat, and feel those fat cells melt away that little bit faster.

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