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Bikini Glute Workout – Get Heads Turning

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With a damn fine silhouette and a hot, sexy walk, there’s nothing more appealing than a lean figure with glutes that go pop. With this secret weapon bikini glute workout that’s exactly what you’ll get. 

If the name of the booty game is to carve out some round, strong, and downright breath-taking butt, you’re in the right place.

With this 8-week bikini glute workout, you’ve everything you need to drop body fat, develop some athletic muscle and train like the pros.

It’s time to build your confidence, fitness and above all else – get heads turning with a beach-ready figure.

Let’s go…

Bikini Glute Workout Basics

Let’s think ahead for just a moment.

You’re sat on the beach, the sun is warm on your face but the gentle breeze from the ocean is cool and refreshing. It’s quiet and relaxing. As you sit up and walk to the bar for another Mojito you can feel the eyes of stunned onlookers checking out that crazy figure you’re owning.

You know you look good and so does everyone else. And hey, own it, because you’ve worked hard for what you’ve got.

To build a body you’re proud of you’ll need only two things – the right program and the right attitude. 

You’re here because you want to make a difference. You’re already bringing that feisty, motivated attitude and you know deep down this is the time to discover a body that’ll get heads turning.

It’s our job to get you there.

In this detailed guide, we’ll be bringing you the tools you need to take your training to the next level. The program has been designed by our team of coaches and sport scientists and uses the most up-to-date principles to get you where you want to be fast.

But the best thing about it… it’s not overly-complicated and doesn’t involve strange training practices or weird equipment.

It’s both simple and effective – a perfect recipe for someone wanting to apply a great workout plan to a busy lifestyle.

Tight and toned – the principles of our bikini glute workout

Whether it’s a brand new designer one-piece you’ve treated yourself to. Or you’re wanting to get your body back into that sexy halter bikini set you wore for your honeymoon.

Now’s the time to ditch the excess body fat and build some buns of steel.

To build a successful bikini body you’ll need to follow these basic principles.

That way you’re leaving nothing to chance.

  • Consistency – try to complete every workout. Consistency is the key to moving in the right direction. If you have to skip a workout, don’t think you’ve failed. Dust yourself off and get back to it as soon as you can. But great bodies desire adherence and regular training.
  • Patience – you’ll be making some huge differences to your physique in as little as 8 weeks. But some weeks you might not notice much change at all. Progress isn’t linear and patience puts you apart from the rest.
  • Effort and dedication – you get what you put in. This is a great opportunity to make a big difference to the way you feel about yourself. There’ll be days when it’s tough – but think about how you’ll look when the 8 weeks is up.

A special mention regarding calories

The underpinning, under-valued aspect of any successful body transformation is diet. And while the focus of this article is on training and not nutrition, you till need to watch what you eat to get the best results.

You can’t lose body fat if you achieve a calorie surplus by eating more than you burn off.

Likewise, you make it much easier to add muscle mass when you have spare calories floating around your body. Although, you can build some muscle while keeping calories low through a process of body recomposition.

It’s really up to you to decide…

If your goal is to optimize fat loss while on this program, check out our article on ‘How many calories for fat loss?

And if your sole aim is to maximize as much booty muscle as your body can handle, check out our guide to muscle building, fat-stripping workouts such as high-intensity resistance training.

Bikini glute workout

The Science of Booty Building – Bikini Glute Workout

Your glutes are what makes you different to other species.

They’re involved in standing upright, walking and jumping. They propel you forward, control gait and allow you to sit upright without using your lower legs.

If it wasn’t for your butt you couldn’t be the bipedal animal you are.

And it’s all down to the complex way your glutes function.

The muscles of the glutes

To fully train your booty you need to understand the different muscles that make up your ‘gluteals’. And while there are 45 muscles that attach to your hip, there are only 3 specific ones you need to know about in this program, as they’re the ones that make up your ‘gluteals’.

  1. Glute maximus – this is the largest and most powerful muscle in your body. It’s involved in hip extension during movement such as running and jumping. It also externally rotates your leg when you clench your butt cheeks.
  2. Glute medius – situated on the outside of your hip just at the side of your pockets, medius is a small muscle. When you swing your leg during walking, it keeps your hips parallel with the floor and stops you dragging your feet. It also abducts your leg too – the proper name for moving your leg out to the side of your body.
  3. Glute minimus – this muscle plays a more supporting role, helping the medius do its job effectively. It essentially stabilizes the hip and assists your other muscles in controlling movement.

To fully stimulate your butt and build a solid bikini glute workout you have to cover all muscles and all relevant movements. If you only focus on hip extension movements, you only target the glute maximus. And if you were to only perform abduction movements, only your medius and minimus are challenged.

To give yourself the best chance yet of building a breath-taking booty you’ll be using 4 main movements patterns on this program:

  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Hip hinge
  • Lateral movement

By adding these into a workout schedule, you’ll leave no stone unturned in your quest for rock-hard buns.

How to Maximize Bikini Glute Workout Results

Like any other muscle in your body, your glutes are made up of different muscle fibers. What you might not know is that based on genetics, those muscle fibers are split into various types – some are bigger and more forceful, whereas others are smaller and weaker.

On average, women have around 70% fast twitch fibers and 30% slow twitch.

  • Fast twitch muscle fibers are large in size and can generate a lot of force. When you lift heavy weights these are the ones that do the work. They can grow pretty big when stimulated in the right way.
  • Slow twitch muscle fibers are smaller and involved in repeated low-power movements such as walking or postural maintenance.  They can’t grow in size like fast twitch fibers can, but still need to be trained for a fuller booty look. You activate these fibers with lighter weights and higher rep ranges.

If you use the same rep range in your program you’ll find that you only target one type of muscle fiber. But varying your reps each week helps to cover more of your glute muscle fibers, leading to better overall bikini glute workout gains.

Lean out glutes and build a rockin’ body

Progressive overload is a key factor when it comes to growing head turning booty muscle. If you don’t reach out of your comfort zone and lift heavier than your body is used to, you just won’t stimulate the processes that result in muscle building.

Choosing weights that are challenging forces your body to adapt. What this means in practice is that you have to reach fatigue in each set you perform. You don’t have to push yourself to absolute failure where you risk hurting yourself – but pushing to the point where you can’t squeeze another rep out is the best way to reach your goals in the shortest space of time possible.

Developing a strong mind-to-muscle connection with your glutes is a surefire way to boost progress on this bikini glute workout.

When you focus on the muscle and not just on the movement, you create a greater neural connection with your posterior that’ll lead to greater gains.

It helps to keep you focused on the job at hand and block out distractions that can ruin productivity.

The key is to lift with intent and ‘feel’ your glutes contracting as you perform each exercise. It’s easy to do on some exercises, and harder on others. But given time you’ll soon nail your mind-to-muscle connection and have the booty to prove it.

Glute bikini workout for women

The Bikini Glute Workout Program

This glute workout routine sees you check into the gym 3 days each week. And with the program coming in at 8 weeks, that’s a total of only 24 workouts.

While the program will be hard at times, you’ll reach the end point in no time at all. So all we ask is that you give it your all, enjoy the process and reap the rewards at the end.

Preparing for your workouts…

Before you start your workout you need to warm up properly. Not only will this reduce the chances of you getting injured, it’ll also prime your nervous system and help make your sessions in the gym as productive as possible.

Find your favorite piece of cardio equipment and perform 3-5 minutes at a steady intensity. The aim is to elevate your body temperature and increase blood flow and oxygen saturation to your muscle. You can use a treadmill, elliptical, rower or bike – whatever works for you.

Once you’ve done this, complete 10-15 reps of the following body weight exercises. These help to loosen your joints and muscles, and trigger muscle recruitment and mind-to-muscle activation.

  • Air squat – place your feet at hip-to-shoulder-width apart and put your hands out in front of your body. Squat down as far as feels comfortable and back up under control.
  • Glute bridges – Lie on your back with your feet flat and knees bent. Lift your butt from the ground and extend it all the way to the top. Lower down under control.
  • Hip rotations – In the same starting position as glute bridges but with your knees together, keep your back flat against the ground and rotate your lower body from side to side in a controlled manner.

Now you’re prepared for the real work.

The program is split into two, 4-week blocks. After the first month, you’ll fancy a change and it’ll do your motivation good to mix things up. The second block isn’t much harder than the first so don’t rush to progress – remember, patience goes a long way on this plan.

Make sure you lift to fatigue in each exercise but don’t sacrifice form. Technique has to come first when you’re using a bikini glute workout though, so try your best and let your confidence increase with every workout.

If you’re not sure of the exact technique for each exercise, do your research. taking the time to get it right will boost your chances of success.

Bikini Glute Workout: Weeks 1-4

NumberExerciseRepsSetsRest Period
1Barbell deadlift8-1232-3 minutes
2Lateral lunge with kettlebell10 per side32-3 minutes
3Leg press15-2032-3 minutes
4Leg curl6-1032-3 minutes
5Kettlebell frog pump20-2532-3 minutes
6Seated calf raise8-1242-3 minutes

Bikini Glute Workout: Weeks 5-8

NumberExerciseRepsSetsRest Period
1Barbell Squats8-1232-3 minutes
2TRX leg curl10-1532-3 minutes
3Adductor machine6-1232-3 minutes
4hip thrusts6-1032-3 minutes
5Leg extension12-1532-3 minutes
6Side lying clam8-12 per side42-3 minutes

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