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Best Burpee Workout for Fat Loss

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If you’re looking for a fast fat burning exercise you can do at home, you’ve probably come across Burpees more than a few times. They’re a good exercise for raising your heart rate and putting your metabolism through the roof – and this is the best way to use them to burn fat.

Alexia Clark and Jason Sani have devised the best burpee workout for fat loss, which is exactly what you need to get lean and mean when you don’t have access to gym equipment.

The workout itself is spread over 4 variations of the burpee, each one lasting for around 20 seconds – you can run through the circuit as many times as you want, and aim to do more reps each time.

The Benefits of Burpees

Burpees are one of the best body weight exercises out there. With a lot of different joint movements, the burpees themselves work most of the muscles in your body, it’s essentially the combination of a squat, star jump and push up.

The muscles you’re training with this exercise include:

  • Deltoids (Shoulders)
  • Triceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Calves
  • Abs
  • Hip Flexors

It works all of your lower body, and most of your upper body, it’s a seriously effective exercise.

In Jason and Alexia’s routine, you’ll be looking to put even more pressure on those muscles, by having one limb off the ground for each set – following them up with some active recovery jogging.

Here’s how it works:

Jason & Alexia’s Fat Burner Burpee Workout

Before we get started, you first need to learn how to perform a basic burpee.

The Basic Burpee

  • Start in a standing up position
  • Squat down and put your hands on the floor
  • Kick your feet back into a push up position
  • Perform a push-up (Optional for this exercise)
  • Bring your feet back
  • Push off the ground into a jump
  • Repeat

As this circuit involves you taking a hand or a foot off the ground per set, we’ve left the push up part of the exercise as optional. This is an intense enough exercise as it is.

Exercise #1: Left Hand Off Burpeebest burpee workout for fat loss

This variation on the burpee is great for putting  more pressure on your right side and building up more of your core to keep balanced.

All you have to do for this exercise is to perform the basic burpee listed above and just don’t let your left hand touch the ground.

Reps: As many as you can
Time: 20 seconds

Exercise #2: Left Foot Off Burpeeburpee-left-foot

This exercise puts more tension on your right side and core.

Again, perform the basic burpee but keep your left foot off the ground with your left leg elevated. You only need to do this when you enter the push up position of this exercise. It can remain on the floor for the other parts.

Reps: As many as you can
Time: 20 seconds

Exercise #3: Right Hand Off Burpeeburpee-right-hand

This is the first exercise you perform in the circuit but with your hands switched. This exerts your left side more and strengthens your core.

Don’t let your right hand touch the ground, keep the arm elevated.

Reps: As many as you can
Time: 20 seconds

Exercise #4: Right Foot Off Burpeeburpee-right-foot

Like exercise #2, for a duration of this exercise you are going to have your foot off the floor, this increases intensity on the opposite side of your body and helps chisel up your core.

Remember, it’s only when you enter the push-up part of this exercise that you need to keep your foot off the ground.

Between Exercises: Active Recoveryactive-recovery-burpees

For the best fat burning results, you shouldn’t stop the second you finish an exercise – the aim is to keep your heart rate elevated, which increases your metabolism and maximizes your fat burning potential.

For this Burpee Fat Burning Workout, Alexia and Jason recommend jogging on the spot between sets. However if you’re looking for more options, Jason has a whole list of active recovery exercises you can try out over here.

Burpee Workout for Fat Loss Conclusion

Jason and Alexia’s fat loss Burpee workout is one of the best for keeping that heart rate high, and your body fat low.

With four different variations on the burpee being performed along with plenty of active recovery, this workout can help get you closer to that ripped lean physique all without the need for a gym.

With only 20 seconds on each exercise, you may want to run this circuit a few times in a row for the best results.

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