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Benefit of Green Tea Weight Loss Pills

In the quest for fat loss there’s a lot to take into consideration. Not only have you got to plan a progressive and challenging workout plan, you’ve also got to set up a healthy and weight-loss promoting diet.

It can be tough.

But there are many ways you can make your job easier.

In this article we tell you the benefits of green tea pills – natural supplements containing extract from the popular eastern beverage.

Do they help with weight loss? Will they make it easier for you to achieve your goals?

Let’s find out…

What Are Green Tea Pills?

Green tea is made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. It is a popular beverage throughout the world and famed for its nutrient value and health benefits.

It is high in a number of bioactive nutrients called polyphenols – plant-derived organic chemical micronutrients needed by the body in small amounts.

These nutrients play an important role in preventing illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, some neurodegenerative disorders and hormone-dependant cancers too [1].

Green tea is an all-round great nutrient to have in your diet, no matter what your goal.

Nutrient content and overall benefits of green tea

As a beverage containing minimum calories, green tea is practically all water, with a few potent nutrients added in.

The most abundant of these are polyphenols – in particular catechins. In a standard cup of tea you’ll find around 40 mg.

From these catechin compounds the one you need to know about most is epigallocathechin gallate (ECGC). And that’s because it is responsible for many of the health benefits of the tea based on its powerful antioxidant value.

And as you’ll see, there’s a strong link between catechins and weight loss too.

You’ll find a range of nutrients in this beverage. These range from the fat soluble vitamins A and K to vitamin B12 and C. It is also a rich source of minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iron and copper.

Green tea contains between 15-60 mg of caffeine. This is high enough to have a stimulatory effect, but is much lower than other caffeinated drinks such as coffee.

What are green tea pills?

Because green tea has such a bitter taste it can be off-putting to many people. It has an astringent effect that can leave your mouth feeling dry and uncomfortable.

For that reason, green tea pills were designed to provide you with all of the necessary nutrients from the plant extract, but without having to drink the actual beverage.

It also allows you to consume the ‘goodness’ from the plant, but in concentrated form too.

Two glass cups and a large mug of green tea on a wooden table

Key Point: Green tea pills are an extract of from the green tea plant. They contain a number of antioxidant polyphenols as well as caffeine.

Green Tea Pills and Weight Loss

If there’s any food, potion or pill that has had a dramatic impact on the weight loss industry it’s green tea.

Although it’s taken hundreds of years, this natural supplement has gone from a popular east Asian beverage to a successful fat burning, inch-shredding drink enjoyed worldwide by millions of people.

And it’s easy to see why once you take a look at the research…

Green tea pills boost fat loss after intense exercise

Two recent research papers have been released showing that supplementing green tea pills whilst taking part in interval training programs leads to greater weight loss.

Firstly, a study published in Nutrients [2] found that when nearly 50 male volunteers completed 36 high-intensity interval workouts over a 12-week period (3 per week), the addition of green tea pills led to:

  • 8% drop in body mass
  • 3.3 cm loss in waist measurement
  • 10% reduction in belly fat
  • A significant increase in lean muscle

And just in case you’re interested in what the actual workouts were – the volunteers were asked to take part in just 20 minute sessions of 8 second sprints with 12 second recovery intervals!

And in the second study – based at the Charles Darwin University in Australia [3] – volunteers were asked to take part in an equally brutal workout session.

However, this time the group only took part in one workout and green tea pills were given to each of them before meals on the day before (250 mg in each pill).

Not only did the female volunteers burn more fat during the workout; they continued to burn more for a full hour after the session had finished too.

Keeps your metabolism high when you’re on a weight cut

One of the consequences of losing weight is that your metabolic rate can take a nosedive.

This isn’t so much because your metabolic rate ‘slows down’ but more to do with the fact that your body subconsciously limits energy, making you feel sluggish and less likely to move as much throughout the day.

You ultimately don’t burn as many calories because your body doesn’t want you to.

But research shows that green tea pills help to offset the decrease in metabolism by giving you a much needed energy kick, helping you feel energized when your calorie intake is lower than normal [4].

Boosts thermogenesis and fat oxidation

Green tea pills help weight loss in three distinct ways – they boost energy, they raise your metabolism and lastly they increase fat oxidation through a process called thermogenesis.

When you exercise you get warmer. And that increase in warmth is caused by a number of chemical processes that increase the rate at which you use fatty acids for energy.

Green tea has the same properties – it stimulates a small and natural increase in core body temperature which triggers an increase in fat oxidation.

And studies have shown exactly how remarkable green tea pills are for fatty acid breakdown.

For example, a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition [4] reported that green tea boosted fat oxidation by 16% over 24 hours. And another [5] found that the catechins found in the beverage combined with its caffeine content led to not only significant weight loss, but also helped to keep it off too!

Improves overall health

Okay so this one might not be directly related to weight loss – but let’s be right; health and body shape come hand in hand.

Not only will green tea help you carve out a great set of abs and a toned physique, it’ll also reduce your risk of developing metabolic disease by over 30% [6].

This powerful pill helps protect from diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol, and also reduces your risk of developing cognitive diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s too.

And lastly, studies have also shown that the catechin-rich supplement protects against bowel cancer and depression, improves brain function and memory, and ramps up physical performance too.

It’s an all-round superstar nutrient to add into your hectic lifestyle to speed up your health and weight loss progress.

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