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7 Ways to Stay Motivated Burning Fat

Want to know how to keep smashing your targets and stay motivated burning fat?

Various psychological studies suggest it takes at least 21 days of consistent behavior to make it a habit[1].

So, it’s no wonder why sticking to a new weight-loss regime on your path to getting ultimately ripped can be a struggle – especially in those first few weeks.

Swapping after work beers for after work HIIT, pizza night for nutrient-packed home-cooking, Sunday morning brunches for Sunday morning burpees – it takes willpower to get you past temptation and achieve that lean, sculpted physique.

The key is to KEEP MOTIVATED.


At Instant Knockout, we know it’s not easy on the path to ultimate muscle definition so here are our TOP 7 MOTIVATIONAL TIPS to help you achieve your perfect body.

#1 – Track your progress

Keeping tabs on your progress is a great way to stay focused and not lose motivation.

Seeing how far you’ve come is key to keeping that fire in your belly ignited and making your weight loss more manageable.

Why not try:

  • Regular weigh-ins with written tracking – either on an app or in a diary to document your progress
  • Take pictures every few weeks so you can physically see your body changing
  • Measure your arms, legs and torso to assess muscle gain and fat loss, plus you can see which areas you need to work on

#2 – Add brain-boosting foods to your diet

Whilst having a long-list of health benefits – from better mobility to increased concentration, improved cognitive performance[2] has also been strongly linked to enhanced self-confidence and motivation.

So, why not stock up on brain-boosting foods to keep your brain at optimum health and your motivation strong?

Food and drinks packed with antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids all contribute towards better mental functionality[3] with improved memory, focus and stamina, as well as having the capacity to balance your mood so you can fight through temptations and stay motivated.

Here are some of our favorite brain-boosting foods and drinks to strengthen your motivation:

  • Fruits high in vitamin C[4] like oranges, blueberries, tomatoes and avocados
  • Eggs[5]
  • Leafy greens[6] like broccoli, kale, spinach and collards
  • Fish packed with Omega-3[7] like salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines
  • Coffee[8]
  • Green Tea[9]
  • Dark Chocolate[10]
  • Pumpkin seeds[11]

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#3 – Get Enough Sleep

Not only has a lack of sleep been linked to weight-loss jeopardizing symptoms such as a slower metabolism, appetite stimulation and a craving for unhealthy foods[12], it could also have a negative effect on your motivation too.

In order for your brain to function properly, you need to have around 7 or more hours of sleep a day.

If you have less than this, your brain doesn’t have enough time to process each day’s events which could leave you experiencing anxiety, restlessness, irritability or low mood which all impact your ability to stick to your healthy regime[13].

Getting enough sleep means you’ll be revitalized daily and motivated to take on your workouts and healthy eating plan.

#4 – Keep Your Gym Routine Challenging

If you’ve just started out with a serious gym routine, health professionals suggest keeping your workout pretty much consistent for the first four weeks. This gives your body time to adapt to the exercise regime whilst building up your fitness and muscle strength too[14].


But remember bodies are very adaptable and soon your workouts will become easier and need to be reviewed to keep progressing forward so you don’t get bored and lose motivation.

Why not try:

  • Increasing your weights gradually during strength training
  • Set new goals for your cardio sessions with longer durations
  • Add more reps to your cycle

Whatever you can do to keep your gym routine challenging so you’re pushing yourself every time you work out will accelerate results, help you hit your goals quicker and keep your motivation strong.

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#5 – Ditch the Booze

If you’re really committed to getting ripped, one of the most effective ways is to cut down your alcohol consumption.

As alcohol is the second most calorific nutrient after fat, it’s no surprise why regular consumption can lead to severe weight gain[15].

Plus, excessive alcohol consumption has been linked to depression[16], stress and anxiety[17] meaning your motivation to stick to your new healthy regime of workouts and diet will almost definitely take a nosedive if you don’t minimize your intake.


By cutting down your alcohol consumption, you could notice a significant improvement in your mood and drive staying motivated burning fat, as well as curbing your calorie intake too so you can achieve that shredded physique even quicker!

#6 – Celebrate Your Success with Rewards

One of the most motivating factors for many people is achieving their goals. However, along the way to those goals, you could find yourself getting frustrated at how long it’s taking.

Remember, your body won’t get ripped overnight but beating yourself up about the time it’s taking isn’t going to help.

So, celebrate your success with smaller goals at different points to spur you on to the finish line.

staying motivated

Make mini-milestones – like maybe a monthly weight goal or workout achievement – and treat yourself to a reward.

By giving yourself small incentives, it cuts down the journey into manageable pieces and boosts your motivation with a sense of achievement.

#7 – Take Instant Knockout consistently

With Instant Knockout, you can achieve natural fat burning, curb cravings and get ultimate muscle definition.

But it’s more than just your generic physical fat burner.

It’s also key to staying motivated burning fat!

It has been scientifically formulated to improve cognitive performance, motivation, stamina and mood so you can get you mentally fired up to smash your weight loss regime too.

Caffeine – The caffeine content from the Green Tea Extract and Caffeine Anhydrous are great for boosting your motivation by ramping up your energy, focus and overall cognitive performance[18].

staying motivated

Vitamin B12 – Helps regulate your mood[19] and immune system, as well as improving digestion and energy levels making for better physical performance overall[20].

GTF Chromium – Enhances your energy levels and metabolism so you’re mentally and physically ready to work out. Plus, it controls your insulin levels to curb cravings for bad food to avoid guilty feelings after a binge[21].

To maximize your body’s response to Instant Knockout and ensure the best results, you need to make sure you’re taking it 4 times a day, every day.

By taking it consistently, you will achieve your shredded body even quicker!

staying motivated

With our 7 tips, you can recharge your motivation and stay bang on track to making your new lifestyle into a habit and getting your lean, sculpted physique!