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5 Weight Loss Myths You’re Tired of Hearing

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When you’re on a cut you’re looking for results, not opinions. You’ve visualized yourself on the beach with that sculpted frame and those popping abdominal muscles – all you have to do now is to put the work in and get there.

However, there’s always someone out there who’s jealous of your motivation, heckling your cut with every step – telling you that you’re doing it wrong and offering half-baked alternatives that will do nothing but slow you down.

These are weight loss myths, and we’re covering the top 5 that you’ll hear on your cut, and the best ways to deal with them.

Read on to find out more…

1. MYTH: Lose weight too quickly and you’ll regain it even quicker

Ah, a classic weight loss myth. You’ll hear if you’ve just started your cut and you’ve been doing pretty well – especially if you’ve made a big change to your diet or you’re doing a lot more exercise in the gym. You’re seeing results fast and people can’t bear it.

The idea is because you’ve lost the weight so quickly that you’ll struggle to keep it that way – but if you keep on track with a sensible diet and active lifestyle after your cut, there will be no chance of that happening.

We did the research and found that there have been no studies that document rapid weight gain after dropping a lot of mass. It’s purely down to how you govern yourself after shredding the pounds.

Although if you are losing the pounds a little too quickly, you won’t go through the cliched regain, but you may lose some muscle mass as your body tries to keep up with the pace.

2. MYTH: Eating before bed contributes towards fat gain

Now if you work long days, or just struggle to get enough food in around your busy schedule, you can find yourself snacking away just before you go to bed.

Many people out there will tell you this is a bad idea, that the food will have no purpose and the body can do nothing but store it as fat.

A big problem with this theory is that the naysayers don’t take into account the recovery processes that your body performs during sleep to get you ready for the day ahead. A lot of energy is required, and your body needs all the help it can get, and if you didn’t get enough food during the day, it’s going to appreciate that midnight protein shake you had.

We believe this ‘bedtime bulktime’ rumor was started through people who would eat throughout the day, and then treat themselves to a late night snack. They already get enough calories throughout the day, and the additional food at night leads to a surplus which is stored as fat.

3. MYTH: Skipping breakfast actually helps you gain weight

Sometimes when you wake up you’re just not hungry for breakfast. And if you’re on a cut, you feel like you’re doing yourself a favor missing out on those extra calories.

However, there’s a theory that this kind of behavior won’t aid you fat loss, it’ll actually do the opposite. The idea is that starting your day with a hearty breakfast gives your body the nutrients it needs to keep you healthy, and also kick start your metabolism to keep you burning calories throughout the day.

However, the studies that surround these theories have had very mixed results, a longitudinal study on school children missing breakfast found that some who never ate the first meal of the day lost weight, while others gained it [1].

With such diversity in the results, this is another myth that really boils down to calories in vs. calories out. If meal skippers are compensating with more calories, they might step over the line and start gaining weight. It all depends on how hungry you get after breakfast time – and how you act on it.

4. MYTH: Vegetarianism is the best way to lose weight

No doubt you’ve heard this from your vegetarian friends, and although there are some merits to this idea, in reality it has nothing to do with how much weight you lose.

Whether you’re a meat eater or not, the main thing that counts when it comes to losing weight is how many calories you consume vs. how many calories you burn. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can enjoy calorie-rich meals, and both can get fat just as easy. What’s important is moderation and getting the right nutrients to keep you healthy while still losing weight, without going overboard.

The idea behind vegetarian diets being the best way to cut comes from the idea of them restricting high-fat meats and only being able to eat fruit and vegetable based goods. However, with the rise of sugared and calorie-dense meat-free snacks in the marketplace, there are just as many tempting snacks for vegetarians as they are for people that aren’t.

5. MYTH: You can drink all the Zero-Cal drinks you want

One thing that your TV seems to recommend when you’re on a cut is zero-calorie drinks. If shredding the pounds is all about a caloric deficit, surely, the ones with none in is the way to go?


Despite what you may have heard, ‘Zero’ products are one of the worst things you can add to your diet when you’re looking to cut up. One of the main reasons being the amount of sweeteners that go into these products – and that’s where the problems start.

Research at Purdue University has shown that taking in large amounts of artificial can actually increase weight gain when ingested regularly [2].

This is all down to the sweetener’s effects on the brain. When ingested, your body assumes your going to be taking in something that’s high calorie – which it isn’t. After realizing this, your body’s metabolism becomes unreliable, and makes you crave more food than usual, which in turn results in weight gain.

One of the key things needed for effective weight loss, is a healthy metabolism, which Instant Knockout fully supports. Messing with this delicate balance can result in slower progress and not seeing the results you want.

Let’s face it; the only zero calorie drink you should be having in your diet is water and you know it.

Summary – Weight Loss Myths

There you have it. The top 5 weight loss myths you’re more than likely to hear on a cut. Each one as common as they are wrong.

A good rule of thumb when cutting weight; make sure you’re getting the recommended daily intake of nutrients, and burn up more calories than you’re taking in – and no, zero-cal sodas are not the answer here.

If you find that you’re struggling to get shredded, you want to be taking Instant Knockout – the fat burner MMA professionals use to cut weight before a fight. It’s helped a lot of people make a lot of progress and it could do the same for you – just check out our testimonials.

Don’t listen to the naysayers – listen to your body. Stop stressing about other’s suggestions, and instead stick to staying shredded.


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