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4 Week Fat Loss Workout Plan

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When you’re cutting fat, you’ve got an idea of how you want to look in your mind. You look lean, sculpted and strong, with rippling hard muscle in all the right places. Everyone wants to look like you, and asks you constantly what you did to get like that.

This is your long term plan, and get it you only have to do one thing: stay motivated – and this is the guide to keep you on track.

If your fat burning journey has come to a standstill, and you’re looking to get back into the zone, the Instant Knockout 4-week workout is exactly what you need.

With 28 days of pure fat loss, this guide is your ticket to making the difference you’ve been looking for. It’s time to say goodbye to static, stubborn fat, and hello to a shredded, stronger you.

Who is this 4 Week Workout Plan for?

People who want to get ripped. Pure and simple.

If you’ve been looking for an intensive training routine designed to cut away unwanted fat, and to show off the muscles you’ve built underneath – This is your workout plan.

This month-long program is more suited to those who have been in training in the gym for at least a year, however, it will also have solid results for any enthusiastic beginners.

There’s a lot of high-intensity work here that may overwhelm those who have not done this type of training before – but don’t back down. Like everything, it just takes practice and your body will adjust to the workload.

These types of exercises are tougher than your usual muscle building routine, that’s because you’re doing something more – you’re burning fat, while still maintaining your muscle mass. It’s a harder a job – but it’ll definitely has a better pay off.

Should I do any other exercises while using this workout?

That’s up to you. But for the most part we recommend you stick to this plan as your primary workout for the most benefit.

If you feel like you can take more of a challenge, or have alternative exercises you want to use instead in this workout program, by all means feel free. Just make sure you’re training regularly and staying on top of your diet.

A good rule is to try this workout without adding any extra exercises for at least 2 weeks. This will give you a good idea of how well your body can handle this routine. If you’re finding it easy, feel free to make it harder.

If you want some ideas of how you can make this workout even more intense, check out our workout section.

What Else Can I Expect in this Program?

This is a full workout plan for a 4 week fat loss transformation. It is much more in-depth and is our most structured guide for anyone looking to burn fat.

The front cover of this workout plan also offers some quick and easy fat loss tips to follow to ensure you get the best results.

Download the 4 Week Workout Plan:

28 Day Split

Instant Knockout: 28 day split

This is the most in-depth fat burner workout plan we’ve done so far. No frills, just hardcore training and results. This is for anyone who’s looking to challenge themselves for a month and see what they’re made of. We suggest this plan to the truly dedicated.


— PDF 674KB —


If you’ve just started your cut, or you want to lose fat faster, we highly recommend our 28 day workout plan as the best place to start.

With a combination of both high intensity training and free weight work, this split is ideal for getting that perfect balance of low fat and hard muscle.

It’s hard work, but with enough dedication and motivation, it will definitely pay off.

Get More out of this Workout

We all want that lean, ripped physique, and it can be a hard job to get it. Even if you have a good diet and the best training, it can still take time to see the results you’re looking for – but there is a way to speed up the process.

Instant Knockout is a natural fat burner endorsed by professional MMA fighters and coaches for it’s ability to cut fat, suppress appetite and boost your energy levels.

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