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Use HIRT to Burn More Fat

To get the best physique possible you need to push your body hard. If you’re a regular gym goes you’re probably already familiar with HIIT – a training approach that ... Read more »

Use PHA Training to Burn More Fat

The key to burning fat isn’t just working hard – it’s finding new and progressively challenging workouts to force your body to the next level. Peripheral Heart Action training is an ... Read more »

Interval Training for Fat Loss

If you’re wanting to burn fat quickly then intervals should be included in your workout plan. They’re short , sharp and straight to the point. In this beginners guide to ... Read more »

Fat Loss Level 2 Workout Plan

You’ve been hard training for a while. You’ve been taught the ropes on exercise and nutrition, put on some good muscle mass, and now you’re ready to look your best. It’s ... Read more »

4 Week Fat Loss Workout Plan

When you’re cutting fat, you’ve got an idea of how you want to look in your mind. You look lean, sculpted and strong, with rippling hard muscle in all the ... Read more »

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