Zinc Benefits | What you need to know – Zinc and Fat Loss


When it comes to successfully shredding fat you need to lead with the most ‘bang for your buck’ aspect of physique development – the diet.

Get the right balance of nutrients and you’ll be well on your way to a leaner, more athletic body.

That’s where zinc comes in. As part of a healthy diet, this mineral can help you optimize your shred and reach your goals even quicker.

What is Zinc?

Classed as an essential chemical transition metal, the mineral zinc is found in the Earth’s crust.

In terms of its biological effect, zinc is a trace element that helps to regulate everything from testosterone levels and reproductive health, to metabolism of your DNA.

Found in foods such as oysters and other shellfish, meat, eggs, nuts and seeds, zinc helps the body function in a number of different ways:

  • Promotes health with potent antioxidant properties
  • Improved athleticism and sports performance
  • Boosts immune function
  • Improves insulin sensitivity and metabolic health
  • Regulates energy levels and vascular health

Why is zinc an effective fat burner?

Minerals are just as important as vitamins when it comes to getting shredded, and zinc is one of the best minerals you can find.

Aside from general health and well-being there are numerous ways Zinc can benefit the body and help you carve out on a successful cut:

  • Help Digestion – Improves protein synthesis which boosts muscle recovery and metabolism
  • Promotes Fat loss – Optimum levels prevents fat oxidation and the storage of excess fat
  • Improves Energy – Improved digestion allows more energy to be converted from foods

It has been shown in multiple instances that one of the traits of obese individuals is lower levels of the nutrient.

Zinc deficiency linked to being overweight

Over half of the US population are zinc deficient, and almost 10% don’t get as much as half of the zinc they need each day [1].

Zinc is classed as an essential minerals because you have to get it from either a supplement or through food.

And there’s a clear link between zinc deficiency and body composition too, with overweight people being much more likely to have low levels of the mineral [2].

In fact, the link between zinc and body composition is so strong that as many as 74% of obese women have been found to be deficient in this particular micronutrient [3].

Research – How Does Zinc Boost Weight Loss?

When it comes to choosing a high-quality fat burner, it’s all about the ingredients. If there’s no research to justify why a particular ingredient has been added then you need to ask yourself why it’s in there.

And zinc is one of the most rigorously tested ingredients out there. That’s why it’s been added to Instant Knockout – the choice of MMA fighters.

Zinc regulates hunger hormones and leads to weight loss

A study published in a high ranking academic journal [4] found that when a group of 60 obese volunteers were given 20 mg of zinc daily for 8 weeks, their leptin levels – the hormone responsible for telling you that you are full – improved.

Not only that, but weight decreased, inflammatory hormones went down and BMI decreased too

Regulates appetite in overweight volunteers

Published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition [5], a small group of overweight men were purposely given a diet that made them zinc deficient. They were then given a supplement to bring levels back to normal.

Unsurprisingly, when zinc levels were low, leptin dysregulation occurred.

And because this hormone helps you maintain energy balance by influencing appetite, when leptin isn’t working properly you’re much more likely to overeat.

Zinc improves athletic performance

This one doesn’t directly help with weight loss, but being able to exercise harder and for longer helps to burn more calories – and this in turn will boost your results.

In a comprehensive guide of previous studies [6], zinc, magnesium and chromium – another fat burning nutrient – were found to have a significant effect on a range of performance markers.

  • Increased muscle strength and endurance
  • Elevated work and power output
  • An increase in peak oxygen consumption
  • Decreased heart rate at a given intensity

The Solution

To balance out your diet and to give your body the nutrients it needs we’ve put 10 mg of zinc into every daily serving of Instant Knockout. This promotes the body’s natural metabolism and digestion as supports the oxidation of fat cells to prevent further storage.

It is the one mineral that helps mind, muscle and overall health – we had to put it in.

Instant Knockout

As a premium-brand fat burning supplement, Instant Knockout is the result of both rigorous scientific research and years of experience.

If you need to accelerate weight loss for an upcoming fight, or you simply want to lean out for a family holiday – this supplement is all you need.

  • Ramp up energy levels – train harder for longer
  • Cut fat quickly – boost fat oxidation and shred body fat in the shortest time possible
  • Control cravings – regulate your appetite and avoid too many cheat meals


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