Cutting Fat With Instant Knockout – A Complete Guide

Cutting Fat With Instant Knockout – A Complete Guide

As an Instant Knockout customer we want you to make the absolute best of your time supplementing our premium product.

Before you start your fat loss journey, we thought we’d give you some pointers on how to make Instant Knockout work best for you, and your goals.

You’ve taken a huge step towards that tight shredded physique by choosing to work with Instant Knockout.

This article is essential reading, top to bottom, and will only take up 5 minutes of your time.

We’ve included free workouts, tips on nutrition and some other useful stuff to make sure you are losing as much fat as possible with Instant Knockout.

Calorie Deficit – The Fundamental Rule of Fat Loss

The physiology of fat loss is actually quite simple.

An overwhelming amount of scientific research suggests that our bodies act within the laws of thermodynamics. What that means is that we can predict what happens to your fat cells based on energy intake.

Energy Balance

Your body needs a certain amount of incoming energy to power your internal organs to maintain your body weight. This is called maintenance. When you take in the same amount of calories as you burn off in a day your body mass or fat levels won’t change – they sort of cancel each other out.

If you begin to eat more than you burn off then you fall into what’s known as a calorie surplus or positive energy balance. Your body responds to this by storing some of this excess energy in your fat cells ready to be used at a later date – the problem is though that later date never comes so you begin to get fatter and fatter.

So how do I lose fat?

Where the magic happens is the little sweet spot called negative energy balance. This is where you burn more calories off in a day than you put in your body – you’re in a calorie deficit. 

When you need more energy than what’s coming into your body from food your fat cells make up the difference by releasing fatty acids from your fat cells. The result? Fat loss.

The only problem with a deficit is you can feel hungry and low on energy. So how do you fix this?

Once you’re in a calorie deficit you’ll find that Instant Knockout accelerates your progress. It provides nutrients that keep your body working optimally whilst your low on energy. This means you’ll have more energy to power you through your workouts, whilst at the same time reducing hunger and appetite.

Calorie tracking

Using a calorie calculator like the one below helps you to take the guess work out of your calorie tracking. And by taking the guess work out you’re much more likely to be successful in your journey.

Exercise for Your Goals

How you decide to train in the gym should be all about what you want to achieve. The way you’d plan your strength gain sessions, for example, would be different to maximizing fat loss. That said though, there are a number of similar ‘catch all’ guidelines you can follow to lean out your body and build muscle.

How often should I exercise?

The current American College of Medicine (ACSM) guidelines suggest that you should be exercising between 3 and 5 times per week to improve health, cardio-respiratory fitness and body composition.

There’s nothing wrong with doing more than this if you can recover properly and have a good base of fitness, but this provides your body with enough of a stimulus to adapt and free up those fat cells.

Can I do less than 3 sessions and still see the benefits? You can yes, although your progress will be slower.

What type of exercise?

This really depends on what you’re after. If it’s purely for fat loss, then including anything that burns calories and helps you get into a deficit will help. This means, sports, cardio, weight training, fitness classes or even walking will help.

If however you’re wanting to drop fat and either maintain muscle mass or even add muscle bulk then it’s inevitable you’re going to have to include strength training in your plan – that’s for both men and women.

Strength training – the key to healthy body composition

Not only does a good strength workout burn a ton of calories during your session, it continues to burn them afterwards too. The process of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption is where your body burns calories after exercise in order to repair and regenerate tissue.

As metabolically active tissue, the more muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn both during exercise and even at rest. Whilst it’s not a huge amount it does contribute to more fat loss during a set time period.

To maximize fat loss with strength training you need to cover as many different muscle groups as possible each workout. This means dropping the ‘bro split’ and putting in some big compound lifts for all for your major muscle groups.

Keeping your reps and rest times low and your weights high will promote new muscle and also make it easier for your body to break into your fat cells for that extra energy.

Check out these example strength plans for an introduction to weight lifting for fat loss…

Strength Training Program for Fat Loss

Exercise Reps Sets Rest Time
Dumbbell Bench Press 8 3 60 seconds
Leg Press 8 3 60 seconds
Lat Pulldown 8 3 60 seconds
Leg Curl 8 3 60 seconds
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 8 3 60 seconds
Goblet Squat 8 3 60 seconds
Seated Row 8 3 60 seconds

Body Weight Strength Training 101 Program

Exercise Reps Sets Rest Time
Press-ups 8 3 60 seconds
Prisoner Squat 8 3 60 seconds
Renegade Row 8 3 60 seconds
Lunges 8 3 60 seconds
Ab Curl 8 3 60 seconds
Side Plank 8 3 60 seconds
Back Extension 8 3 60 seconds


Eat for Your Goals – Nutrition for Fat Loss

The best way to use nutrition to your advantage when you’re trying to cut fat is to keep things simple.

We’ve already said that using our online calculator is a good place to start because it takes the guess work out of tracking your incoming calories. From there, your planning gets much easier.

Here are our top nutrition tips for a healthier, better body.

#1. Don’t restrict yourself

This might be a strange one to get the ball rolling but bare with us.

Diets that completely restrict treats, snacks or any other comfort have a very low success rate. Why? Because the cycle goes like this…

You try for a couple of weeks to eliminate all foods that you consider unhealthy – as far as you’re concerned you’re going to give it your all this time and there’s no quitting!

After a while the cravings get stronger and stronger. Eventually (and they will), these cravings get the best of you. You sneak a take away in or you open that bag of candy. But you can’t stop… you end up eating more and more.

Your psychology tells you you’ve failed and you’re weak. So what do you do? You come off of the diet altogether. And that’s you done.

So what should you do?

Each day make sure you include foods in your diet that are ‘cheat’ foods. We don’t mean a burger and fries every day but just little things here and there.

When you do this you don’t feel like you’re restricting yourself and the potential for success goes up. All you need to do is factor the calorie of your treat into your daily energy intake and stay in that calorie deficit.

#2. Balance your macros through the day

There are so many diets out there that are based around either reducing or eliminating food groups.

The thing is though that the ONLY reason they help you lose weight is that they help you achieve a calorie deficit.

So rather than going through the agony (and potential side effects) of missing out of important nutrition, make sure you eat balanced meals throughout the day.

Yes you can time nutrients and yes you can manipulate dietary strategies to make changes to your body composition, but unless you’re already mega lean it’s really not worth your time at this stage. Not when there are easier options like Instant Knockout to support you.

How to Take Instant Knockout


You get the full benefit of Instant Knockout by taking one capsule, four times a day.

  • One first thing in the morning
  • One before lunchtime
  • One in the afternoon
  • One before evening meal

By taking four equal doses through-out the main part of the day, you’re burning fat for a longer period of time and you’re absorbing all of each dose.

For more information visit How It Works.

Instant Knockout FAQs

How Long Until I see Results?

Unfortunately the time it takes to see results from Instant Knockout can vary. This is because everyone is different. However if you ensure you are eating a healthy diet and following a good exercise program (maintaining that calorie deficit) you can see results in as little as 10-14 days.

Can I take more than one capsule at a time?

Yes you can, but we don’t recommend it. Due to the caffeine content of Instant Knockout taking more than one capsule at once could lead to some minor side effects. It will also reduce the effectiveness of Instant Knockout.

What other supplements work best with Instant Knockout?

We have put together this article on the best supplements to stack with Instant Knockout.

What are the expiry dates of the product?

You can see the Expiry date printed on either the carton or label on the bottle. Each product has a 2 years shelf life.

Do I Need to Cycle Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout contains scientifically-dosed nutrients that’re safe to consume all-year-round.

For this reason, there’s no need to cycle Instant Knockout as it involves no risks of causing any side effects. We recommend to take it as long as you want to either maintain or reach new goals.

Do I qualify for the 90 Day Guarantee?

As per our terms and conditions, you must have taken Instant Knockout for a full 90 days before asking for a refund.

We only provide refunds to customers who have taken the product for a full 90 days at least. You can view our full terms and conditions here.

If you have been taken the Instant Knockout for 90 days in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program please contact our customer service team at [email protected] listing your order numbers and the program you have followed.

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