Benefits of Cold Showers: Fat Loss

Benefits of Cold Showers: Fat Loss

When getting shredded, there’s two main things you think about: exercise and nutrition – but we’d like to add another method for fat loss: the benefits of cold showers.

Cold showers can be a terrifying thought, and the benefits are often over looked – but if you want to get ripped fast, this is one of the smarter ways to get there.

Here are just a few of the reasons you’re going to want to turn that shower tap to blue in a morning.

Cold Showers Shock Off the Fat

If you’ve ever stepped into a cold shower you’ll know exactly what we mean when we say it’s shocking.

The shortness of breath and the shivering are all good signs. As soon as the body feels the freeze, a fat burning process called ‘adaptive thermogenesis’ begins where your body cranks up the temperature to keep itself warm.

But what does adaptive thermogenesis from a cold shower actually burn?

Brown fat – stored in your body solely for the production of heat. This is the more stubborn fat, that’s harder to move – and cold showers are the best way to do it.

Recent studies have shown colder water is that effective in creating ‘adaptive thermogenesis’ that it may even be used a therapeutic treatment of obesity [1].

Cold Showers Increase Metabolism

Cold showers don’t just burn fat, in a separate study [2] young adults increased their metabolic rate by as high as 350% just from cold water. While our focus is on the fat burning effects of a cold shower, there is also a load of other amazing effects it can have on your system.

Other Benefits of Cold Showers

They Keep You Cleaner

Daily cold showers can actually keep your skin cleaner, the lower temperatures tighten up the pores on your skin, and prevents dirt getting trapped in your skin.

This is especially useful if you’ve been working up a sweat from any intense cardio or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), cleansing your skin from any bad bacteria or germs collected during your training.

They Reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Speaking of HIIT, showering in the cold has also been proven to help relieve muscle soreness and speed up recovery. A study taken in 2009 found that baths in temperatures of around 10-15c greatly reduced these minor pains when taken after working out [3].

This makes it incredibly useful for anyone who does has their training days lined up back to back.

And it doesn’t stop there, on top of all of these benefits cold showers can also:

  • Improves Alertness – Feel more motivated and energetic in the morning
  • Reduces Stress – Keep in control of your session
  • Combats Depression – Lifts mood and increases focus

Benefits of Cold Showers: Fat Loss Conclusion

If you’re the type of person who sees their training as a lifestyle, rather than a just a length of time, you’ll want to add cold showers to your daily routine.

Cold Showers improve fat loss, boosts your metabolism, reduces muscle soreness along with a whole host of other benefits. It’s a small change in your day for some big changes in your life.

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