Greg Jackson is one of the biggest names in MMA History...

...and arguably one of the best coaches ever to be involved in the sport.

Awarded 'Best Coach' and 'Best Gym' in 2009, and 'Coach of the Year' in 2010, Jackson owns one of the most esteemed gyms in the sport – the Jackson Wink Academy, the Mecca of MMA.

With his extensive experience in the sport, Jackson knows the main area in training most fighters struggle with is staying in weight class.

Which is why he recommends Instant Knockout...

With over 20 years experience of coaching athletes, 6 becoming Champions, 3 World MMA Awards, 2 published books and even his own Martial Art, Gaidojutsu, that he created for the sport – nobody who knows more about kicking ass than Greg Jackson.

Greg knows there's more to coaching his students than just showing how to fight. Training is important, but so is nutrition and supplementation. Greg's not just teaching a sport here, he's teaching a lifestyle.

With nearly 100 members of the top fighters in the world, Jackson recommends only the best training, nutrition and supplementation to ensure success in the octagon – with the one of the key additions being Instant Knockout.

Why Greg Recommends Instant Knockout

Losing weight and burning fat are two entirely separate things, and when shredding down for a fight you want to maintain as much muscle mass as you possible can.

Seeing the benefits Instant Knockout has with it's ability to cut fat, suppress appetite, increase energy levels and raise metabolism.

Jackson saw it as the perfect fit for any fighter who needs to cut down for a bout quickly.

With a firm belief in the 10 core ingredients in the fat burner, Jackson believes it is the ultimate package for anyone to add to their diet and exercise regimen to burn the most amount of fat – trained or untrained.

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The Father of MMA

Greg Jackson has dedicated his life to Mixed Martial Arts, he's even created his own fighting system, Gaidojutsu, which he established in 1992 - the same year he graduated high school!

The art of Gaidojutsu, Greg's own Martial Art uses a combination of wrestling, kickboxing and Judo locks along with grappling techniques and elements of Brazilian Ju-jitsu.

After the success of Gaidojutsu, his school officially became purely MMA-focused in 2000.

He recruited the help of Mike Winkeljohn for his skills as a striking coach – working together, their fighting school quickly rose to the best in the country.

Top Fighters Trained By Greg

Based in New Mexico, and working out of the Jackson Wink Academy, Greg coaches some of the highest caliber fighters the sport has ever seen.

With the likes of George St. Pierre, Diego Sanchez, Jon Jones and Holly Holm to name just a few, Jackson, and partner Mike Winkeljohn have champions ranging from Bantamweight to Heavyweight – and Greg recommends that they all take Instant Knockout.

The makings of a good fighter comes from excellent training, the best nutrition and ability to be the strongest they can be pound for pound – and the Instant Knockout fat burner is the best way to ensure these results.

Greg isn't the only one who understands the quality of Instant Knockout. Click here to see more big names who use Instant Knockout to get fighting fit.