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Instant Knockout Cut Ingredients

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D has been shown to have some effect in lowering blood pressure. It’s suggested that having a lack of vitamin D can manifest as ‘hypertension and cardiovascular events’, which could impact your performance.[1]

Not only this, but further studies suggest you could be at a higher risk of bone fractures if you are low in vitamin D.[2] For anyone serious about exercise, sport or working out, you need a strong foundation, and Vitamin D could help.

If you’re looking to manage your weight, then Vitamin D could also help. Research suggests that vitamin D is linked to your Body Mass Index (BMI) and could actually reduce your weight levels.[3] That’s another reason why it’s in Cut.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, like other B vitamins, are used to turn your food into fuel. B6 also has the benefit of motivating you further to keep your weight management plan right on track.

How? Studies show that B6 can increase your dopamine levels, keeping you focused and motivated so you can crush your next workout.[4]

Not only this, but it can also increase your serotonin, meaning an increase in mood, more willingness to exercise and ultimately a better chance of hitting your weight goals.[5]

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

Like other vitamins, B12 helps regulate your metabolism by producing energy from your food intake. B12 also has the distinction of potentially increasing your energy, concentration and mood, which can impact your weight.

Not only this, but science indicates that you could benefit from 'lower weight gain' with long term use of vitamin B12, which is one of the main reasons we’ve included it in the Instant Knockout Cut formula.[6]



Caffeine is, let’s face it, the world’s go-to ingredient for when you need a bit of a boost. But the benefits of caffeine go much deeper than waking you up in the morning and getting you through the day.

Caffeine has been shown in studies to also help with aerobic exercise[7], power output[8], running capacity[9], and more, showing it’s a really versatile ingredient with a host of benefits. We’ve included caffeine in Instant Knockout Cut to help give you energy and also help manage your weight, all thanks to its ability to promote thermogenesis.[10]



Caffeine’s benefits are well known, but it’s also known to cause a late energy slump. That’s where L-Theanine comes in. When combined with caffeine, it smoothes out any jitters and stops any crashes.

It’s known to promote a calming, relaxing response in humans and studies can back this up.[11] Not only this, but it can help your sleep quality too, meaning you’re well rested and ready to smash your targets the next day with no excuses.[12]

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is renowned for its fat oxidation and energy expenditure properties and it’s packed with bioactive polyphenols called catechins.[13]

This diverse ingredient helps your weight management in different ways. It can help to break down stored energy in your body and has been linked to lower levels of abdominal weight in adults.[14]

If you’re worried about eating too many carbs, studies have also shown that Green Tea Extract can assist starch digestion in the body, helping you to beat the bloat.[15]

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

In order to kick start your metabolism, you’re going to need to add a little spice. Cayenne pepper is a known thermogenic, meaning it has the potential to kick-start your body’s metabolism and begin the burn.

The main ingredient, capsaicin, is derived from fiery chili peppers, and is the element that gives them their famous heat and kick.

It has been shown in studies to enhance fat oxidation and increase energy expenditure and is a powerful thermogenic.[16]

Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper Extract, or Piperine, is a bioactive chemical that can help weight management in a few different ways. Namely, it can activate your metabolism, aid digestion and elevate thermogenesis.

The reason is because it acts like a switch for two receptors in your body, TRPA1 and TRPV1, which when activated, elevate energy metabolism and can suppress fat cell formation.[17]

Thanks to its multi-purpose benefits, it’s a key ingredient in the Cut formulation.



While it’s hard to pronounce, glucomannan is actually just an extract of a simple root from the konjac plant. This humble root can however work wonders if you’re looking to manage your weight.

It’s a natural fiber, and a complex carbohydrate, which when consumed absorbs water in your stomach, filling you up.

So, why’s that a good thing? Because you’ll feel full throughout the day, meaning you’ll snack less, and consume less calories.

This combined with the other ingredients in the formula means you’re tackling your weight management from multiple angles, all thanks to Instant Knockout Cut.[18]

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