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The Greg Jackson Story

Greg Jackson is one of the biggest names in MMA history and one of the best coaches to ever grace the sport.

A winner of numerous ‘Coach of the Year’ awards, he owns one of the most esteemed gyms in the sport - The Jackson Wink Academy.

With his extensive experience, Greg Jackson knows that staying in shape is paramount for any successful athlete.

That’s why he recommends Instant Knockout.

Greg Jackson has trained MMA champions - and he recommends Instant Knockout.

Why Greg recommends Instant Knockout Cut

With over 25 years experience of taking athletes to the very top, nobody knows more about professional conditioning than Greg Jackson. He’s trained multiple world champions, won awards and published 2 books. He’s even created his own martial art!

Greg knows that losing weight and shredding down for a fight requires the building of lean muscle. After using Instant Knockout for his athletes, he saw they ate less, had more energy and cut down quicker. Greg knows that Instant Knockout is a fantastic addition to the regime of anyone who wants to get fighting fit.

The father of MMA

Greg has dedicated his whole life and career to MMA, establishing his own martial art, Gaidojutsu, and setting up his own school. His success has led to the success of others.

Fighters trained by Greg Jackson

George St. Pierre

Regarded as one of, if not the greatest fighter in MMA history. He’s won titles in two weight classes and won multiple titles in various promotions, including several UFC World Championships.

Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez is an MMA legend, helping to popularise the sport and is respected worldwide for his accomplishments. He’s won titles including the first Middleweight Championship at UFC 1.

Holly Holm

Holly Holm is a trailblazer in womens combat sports. She’s the only fighter to ever hold a boxing and MMA world title, and is regarded as the all time best female pro boxer.