Diego Sanchez Cuts from 190lbs to 145lbs in 5 months

Having never been knocked out, there's no question - Diego Sanchez is as hardcore as they come

How? He's used Instant Knockout to shred down to Featherweight - cutting just 5 months.

With over 15 years as a professional fighter, no one knows more about kicking ass while keeping in weight class than Diego.

He knew, without Instant Knockout he wouldn't be able to do either of these things in the Featherweight Division.

As a fighter who's competed as a Welterweight, Lightweight and Middleweight in the past, and now switching over to the Featherweight Division - Diego knows the importance of staying in weight class.

Why Diego Sanchez Decided to go Featherweight

In January 2015, Diego suffered an injury worse than any other he's ever experienced – a broken collarbone.

The injury happened during one of Sanchez's intense training sessions with the severity of the break putting any type of exercise on hold for at least 4 – 12 weeks.

As devastating as the injury was, it gave Sanchez time to re-evaluate his career and think about where he wanted to be when he recovers – and he was thinking Featherweight.

Weighing a stocky 190lbs, Sanchez knew cutting down to the Featherweight 145lbs was going to be no easy task.

Until he discovered Instant Knockout.

How Diego Cut to Featherweight

Managing both recovery and shredding simultaneously is a tall order.

You need more than just restricted dieting and regular training to make it a small space of time.

You need Instant Knockout.

Every fighter knows, cutting weight is the hardest part when preparing for a fight, and managing to maintain it can be even harder:

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The weight Diego has lost in the time span is incredible, and it's all down to Instant Knockout's 10 natural ingredients. Each one is specifically chosen for their ability to work together and burn fat.

Each one is specifically chosen for their ability to work together and burn fat.

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Diego's transformation is great, and you can really see the difference in the 'Before and After' shots after just a few weeks of supplementing the fat burner:

Diego before
Diego before

He looks great; tighter abs, chiselled jaw, and leaner, more defined muscle all-over.

He's not the only one, many of our customers have made jaw-dropping changes to their physique just by incorporating our product into their workout routine.

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But if Diego's transformation was a few weeks after taking the product, how does he look now?

Now – Diego Sanchez: Fighting For Featherweight

Determined to make an impact in his new weight class, Sanchez is currently training harder than ever, literally living in the gym and pushing his body as far as it will go.

Recently, Diego was involved in 'Fighting For Featherweight: 190lbs to 145lbs with Instant Knockout' a short documentary around the fighter's day-to-day, and how he's managed to stay on top of his radical new program.

Clearly Instant Knockout has been working for him, and Diego Sanchez isn't the only famous face to be using the product to cut the pounds.

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