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Best Fat Burner for Women

Instant Knockout is not just for Men. It's for Women who want to look their best too.

OK, so you could be forgiven for thinking Instant Knockout is a guys only formula. But it's not.

It's a highly-powerful fat burner, plain and simple and it doesn't matter if you're male or female, it's designed to help you get rid of your unsightly, unwanted fat.

You put a lot of work into looking good and developing the physique you long for and Instant Knockout will help you strip the fat to show off your defined curves.

Or maybe you're not a gym person and you'd just like to lose a few pounds, to tighten your curves up or get ready to look your best for a special occasion, holiday or event?

Instant Knockout can be used as an ongoing part of your hard training driven musculature enhancement, or to help you lose a few pounds of fat which are covering up your sexy shape.

It has nothing to do with gender.

Obviously as we developed it primarily for professional MMA fighters and boxers, most of our following has been from men. But that's just the nature of the professional fight game.

However, since our official launch we've had many women customers who claim it's worked just as well for them too.

Instant Knockout's specially selected, proven ingredients, don't care if you're male or female.

The science is not gender based. Fat is fat and you want rid of it despite your gender.

Many women worry about their hormone levels...

Instant Knockout is not about bulking up, so don't be worried about using it to get rid of your fat. It has nothing to do with adding pounds of muscle, but it will help you to stick to a workout plan if you have one, simply because when you see the results, you'll want to stay that way!

And obviously, exercise will help ensure you keep your new sexy, slim body.

It's not a protein powder or hormone enhancer, like let's say a testosterone booster. There are no unwanted side effects for women.

It doesn't add mass to your frame, it is an out-and-out fat burner, with the added benefits of calming your appetite and helping your body to produce energy.

If you have bits of your body that jiggle or wiggle and you don't want them to, try Instant Knockout and it will help you to sculpt your figure and increase your confidence.

How it works


Karol-ann, Canada Canada

Age: 20

Goals: Cut Down

Karol Anne Before
Month 1
Karol Anne Month 1
Month 2
Karol Anne Month 2
With IKO
Karol Anne with Instant Knockout

Hi, my name is Karol-ann and before i started taking this product i was 135 pounds. I took this product for only 2 months and with a bit of dedication I lost 15 pounds.I am so happy with the results and i have more energy and feel better then ever.

I would really recommend this product , because with exercise , a good eating plan , motivation and Instant Knockout you will have the physique that you want.

Chelsea Medina, USA USA

Age: 24

I have tried many other supplements to aide me in my weight loss journey and nothing has even been comparable to what Instant Knock Out can do!


Once I finished playing collegiate- level volleyball, I quickly put on 30 pounds from my inactivity.

I had tried other fat burners but none of them even came close to the results I received with Instant Knockout. Prior to use, I struggled to lose the weight I had gained and I lacked energy.

Instant Knockout got me over my plateau. While on the product, I did not crave junk food, and when I did eat my meals I stayed satisfied for longer.

I stuck to a good healthy diet and hit the gym 2 MAYBE 3 times a week and the pounds were falling off. I went 2 weeks without working out, while maintaining a healthy diet, and the weight was still coming off!

I was able to stretch the 1 month supply for about 2 months because it was working so well.

I have since lost the 30 pounds I had gained and also lost many inches. Next step for me is to begin lifting and to shred more fat and tone up and I know Instant Knockout will get me the results I want.

Instant Knockout exceeded my expectations and it is the first supplement I recommend to people looking for weight-loss results.

Jordan, USA USA

Goals: Lose baby weight

Changed my life and confidence!

Jordan Before 1
Jordan Before 2
Jordan After 1
Jordan After 2

After I had my son, it was hard to accept that my body had changed and no longer burned fat as quick as it did before.

I was eating right and exercising 5 times a week and not seeing any results. I decided to incorporate a fat burner into my routine. After lots of research and trial and error pills, I found Knockout.

Not only did I have energy all day long, but I was finally burning off that stubborn fat I had been carrying around. These results are the 2 months of Knockout Product taken regularly as instructed – diet was mostly clean, few slip ups and consistent 5 days working out.

I experienced no jitters or crash with Knockout and my results came so quickly. I work out as soon as I wake up so taking my Knockout before hitting the gym helps me get through those brutal workouts.

The product has safe ingredients that are insanely effective. I’m so thankful for a product that not only works but helps me have the energy to stay fit and be an active mom as well.

Thank you Knockout Team, you have truly changed my life and confidence!

Jordan with Bottle

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Maz Delacerna, Australia Australia

Age: 30

Goals: Improve lifestyle

Dont hesitate just try it. You wont regret it

Max Before
Comp Ready
Max After

I decided to try instant knockout after trying several other fay burners and after tons of research, I took the leap. Boy am I glad I did!

I will admit the first couple of days I was on such a high it was hard to sleep. I eventually got used to it and continued with my weight training. I eat pretty well so i really didnt change my diet.

I had increased energy, stopped eating out of boredom and felt so much stronger at the gym. I was on fire!

I tried it for 3 months and bought another 3 months worth. Even after the first 2 weeks on instant knockout I saw results. I was in awe!

If you are contemplating on trying it out I highly recommend it. Instant knockout has hekped me kickstart my journey and I am now a bikini competitor. I camt believe I was once 25kg heavier and now able to be on stage!

Thank you Instant knockout for bringing out this product. You have really assisted me in reaching my goals.

Katie, UK UK

Goals: Lose weight after pregnancy

Someone took a photo of me, and I recoiled in horror

Katie Before
Katie After
Katie Before
Katie After

When I was younger I didn’t care about fitness and my main hobby was binge eating.

5 months after I had my first baby someone took a photo of me, and I recoiled in horror.

How had I not noticed that I had gained so much weight?! I stepped on the scales and at a small 5ft3in, I weighed nearly 200lbs! I started exercising and reduced my calories and went on to have another baby 5 months ago.

Through my second pregnancy I gained 40lbs and once again I was miserable. I lost a few pounds and then suddenly hit that dreaded brick wall, I was eating clean and exercising but the pounds just weren’t shifting, I was devastated.

I tried different types of fat burners, meal replacement shakes and nothing worked. Then my partner, who was cutting at the time, found the instant knockout website.

He ordered it for himself and the weight was dropping off him so I thought I would give it a try, and it is the best thing I could have done.

I feel great, I have more energy to push harder during workouts and finally thanks to instant knockout I have reached my goal weight!

Katie with Instant Knockout

Melissa told us she'd never felt happier or healthier in her life after Instant Knockout helped her shed the pounds.

I was completely astounded by the results

Melissa before using Instant Knockout
Melissa after using Instant Knockout

I used your product for the two month course and I'd just like to say I was completely astounded by the results. My first fear was that I was a woman who wasn't a professional athlete or training to be one, I am simply an eighteen year old who is passionate about being fit and healthy.

After reading the ingredients within Instant Knockout I decided to give it a try. After the first few days I noticed that my appetite was suppressed but on top of this I had sustainable energy throughout the day. Unlike many other fat burners, you often feel lethargic, however Instant Knockout is unlike any other product I have tried before. After a week I started noticing results. My "loose bits" soon started to shed and my frame began to look slimmer and leaner.

I used instant knockout fat burner in different stages as I had two holidays during the period of me wanting to get lean. I did have several breaks in between my 60 day usage, however what I was so pleasantly surprised by was that I didn't rebound back to an unhealthy weight.

During my weeks off I didn't put on any weight, I simply sustained it, and that's with no training at all and eating very generously. This showed me that instant knockout wasn't like a Detox it was an efficient way of burning and knocking out your fat!

I often train four times a week so Instant Knockout gave me that extra push to achieve my goals. If you are wondering whether instant knockout is for you, don't be scared by the name! The only thing being knocked out of your body is the fat and I can assure you I have never felt as happy and healthy in my life.

Thank you for inventing such a wonderful product and I would be honoured if I could be on your testimonials page.

Safe, Natural and Effective Ingredients

Instant Knockout was designed with one thing in mind
– safe fat burning. It contains only natural ingredients -
we don’t use synthetic or lab-made nutrients, meaning you
can be sure you’re getting only the best supplement available.

Each active ingredient is clinically dosed to make sure you
get all of the benefits, without the side effects. So if you’re
concerned that Instant Knockout might contain harmful ingredients or dangerously high stimulant levels, don’t be.

We’ve committed hours and hours of research into
formulating the very best for you. You won’t get side effects
and you won’t feel ‘wired and tired’ either. What you will
find though is targeted focus and motivation, allowing you to
channel all of your energy into PR-busting workouts.

Instant Knockout is made in cGMP and FDA approved
facilities in the USA and UK, using the highest quality ingredients.

Safe and Natural Ingredients

The 3 core ingredients


Green Tea Extract

Green tea contains powerful polyphenols called catechins. This powerhouse compound not only raises your metabolism, accelerates fat oxidation and increases calorie expenditure, it gives you a workout-smashing energy boost too..

Numerous research studies suggest that green tea is one of the most potent thermogenic fat burner nutrients you’ll ever find[1].

1. Hursel, R et al. The effects of green tea on weight loss and weight maintenance: a meta-analysis. Int J Obes. 2009; 33(9): 956-61

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

This spicy pepper seed is high in vitamin A and C and contains capsaicin – a bioactive alkaloid famed for its fat-burning ability.

Cayenne pepper raises your metabolism and enhances fat oxidation – a recipe for real fat loss.

Adding this ingredient into your supplement wil also increase your insulin sensitivity; and your daily calorie burn will go up dramatically as well.

Finally, capsaicin can also reduce the amount of food you eat at each meal too, helping to you to control cravings and binges[2].

2. Whiting, S et al. Could capsaicinoids help to support weight management? A systematic review and meta-analysis of energy intake data. Appetite. 2014; 73: 183-8




Glucomannan is a long-chain, soluble fiber extracted from the root of the konjac plant.

It’s the wild card of Instant Knockout because it’s not there to speed up your metabolism like many of the other natural ingredients; it’s there to reduces appetite and food cravings.

Glucommanan helps you avoid the triggers of over-eating and excessive snacking by helping you feel fuller for longer.

And key research suggests that it could be the key to weight-related health issues in the US[3].

3. Zalewski, BM et al. The effect of glucomannan on body weight in overweight or obese children and adults: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials. Nutrition. 2015; 31(3): 437-42

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90 days guaranteed - or your money back

Instant Knockout Turns Up Your Metabolism For Effective Fat Burning... Whether You're Male Or Female

Instant Knockout contains 10 natural fat burners, which will boost your metabolism, forcing your body to burn more fat. These 10 specially selected, cutting-edge nutritional powerhouses, work in harmony together to help rid you of your unwanted fat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Don't forget your purchase is risk free too . . . thanks to our 90-day money-back guarantee, so order right now and start revealing the toned, sexiest you, hiding underneath.


Instant Knockout Turns Up Your Metabolism For Effective Fat Burning... Whether You're Male Or Female

Instant Knockout contains 10 natural fat burners, which will boost your metabolism, forcing your body to burn more fat. These 10 specially selected, cutting-edge nutritional powerhouses, work in harmony together to rid you of your unwanted fat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Don't forget your purchase is risk free too . . . thanks to our 90-day money-back guarantee, so order right now and start revealing the toned, sexiest you, hiding underneath.

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