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Top 5 Lifestyle Tips to Boost Weight Loss

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Easy Weight Loss Tips That’ll Fit Into Your Daily Routine

Diet and exercise are important aspects of any successful transformation plan… but are you forgetting about the third aspect of the weight loss ‘trinity’?

Lifestyle is also an important part of your daily routine – and whether you reach your weight loss target quicker or slower is dependent on whether or not your lifestyle compliments your physical activity and food choices.

In this article we’ll take a look at 5 quick and simple lifestyle hacks to boost your weight loss. 

1. Move More


Going to the gym or being involved in sport on a regular basis is a great way to kick start a weight loss plan. Unfortunately though you might find that even with the best intentions, your weight loss begins to plateau after a while.

Increasing your none-exercise activity thermogenesis is a great way to burn additional calories and move even closer to your weight loss goal.

Anything that is not classed as exercise is a NEAT activity – so that means fidgeting, dancing, walking or playing with the kids are all great examples.

A study by Levine [1] found that even trivial physical activities increase metabolic rate substantially and it is the cumulative impact of a multitude of unstructured movements that culminate in an individual’s daily NEAT. 

Basically, the more you move the more calories you burn; and they soon add up.

2. Sleep More


You might think that this one contradicts the ‘move more’ advice, but really they need to go hand in hand. Being active throughout the day is a must, but getting a good rest at night is just as important.

Sleep helps to boost your immune system, increase athletic performance and reduce the risk of long-term illness. Research shows it helps with weight loss too.

For example, a study published in Sleep [2] showed that a good night’s rest is important for regulating metabolism. The researchers measured the levels of two appetite controlling hormones; leptin – an appetite suppressant, and ghrelin – an appetite stimulant.

Leptin levels were 15.5% lower in those that only managed 5 hours rest instead of 8 hours. Ghrelin was 14.9% higher. Getting less than 8 hours will lead to an increased appetite – and this will really put the brakes on weight loss.

3. Break Up Your Workouts


One of the biggest barriers to regular exercise is time. But regular, short sessions are just as effective as less frequent, longer ones.

A study by Anders et al [3] investigated the use of micro-training on body composition, as well as athletic performance and strength.

The study volunteers were split into one of two groups – one group completed 3 x 45-minute sessions per week and the other did 9 x 15-minute sessions – this worked out at twice daily sessions Monday to Thursday, and one session on a Friday. Each group did a mix of cardio and muscular fitness work.

The results showed that micro-training significantly boosted fitness, strength and muscle endurance; and when statistics were factored in, they also lost more fat. 

Even with limited, or even no equipment, 9 sessions lasting 15 minutes long can be planned without difficulty – it’ll be a lot easier to fit into your hectic schedule too.

4. Lower Your Stress Levels


Whilst small amounts of stress are useful for regulating energy storage, chronic stress can put a road block on your weight loss gains.

When your body is subjected to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol over a prolonged period of time, it causes you to store fat visceral fat – this is otherwise known as belly fat.

Studies have shown a clear relationship between uncontrollable stress and visceral fat distribution. For example, a study in Obesity Research [4] found that women who have higher cortisol levels also have higher body fat levels and waist-hip ratios too.

Many people cope with stress by turning to emotional eating. Cortisol can also increase appetite and cravings for sugar [5] – this all contributes to weight gain.

So although it might be easier said than done, where possible try to take time away from stressors and let the weight fall off.

5. Have Fun


This is a simple one, but something that we often neglect as part of our busy lifestyles. Either that, or we choose types of exercise that we don’t like; and whilst this may be okay to start with, it makes it much harder to keep up long-term.

Playing sports, taking part in adventure days, or going rambling with friends are all fun activities. Not only will you get to socialize, you’ll increase your weight loss potential too.

Choosing fun activities can not only increase physical activity levels but can also reduce snacking and desire for desserts as well. A study by Werle et al [6] found that when activities are perceived as fun, people subsequently consume less dessert at mealtime and consume fewer hedonic snacks. 

Having fun is also a great way to stimulate pleasure hormones such as dopamine and endorphins which will make you feel great. It’ll also reduce stress and boost weight loss.

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