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Top 5 Diet Tips to Boost Weight Loss

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Easy Weight Loss Tips That’ll Fit Into Your Daily Routine

The process of weight loss can sometimes seem slow and hard work. Eating healthy and exercising regularly form the cornerstone of any effective weight loss plan, but with so many foods to choose from, it’s hard to know which way to turn.

To help you on your way we’ve trawled through the science to bring you our top 5 best diet-related weight loss tips. 

Before we start we just want to point out that in order for you to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit – these tips are presuming that you are eating less calories than you are expending on a daily basis. If you aren’t then that’s a good place to start.

If you are, including these will accelerate your fat loss even further, and you’ll see some great results.

1. Drink Plenty of Water


Water is classed as an essential nutrient as we need it in higher amounts than we can produce it. Drinking it on a regular basis boosts overall health by optimizing body functions including gut and digestive health, as well as physical and mental performance.

Not enough water and you’ll feel fatigued, confused and lethargic. Severely dehydrate yourself and you’ll be looking at more serious side effects.

Water can boost fat loss by altering your metabolism and lowering total energy intake. One study [1] found that 500ml of water prior to a meal boosted metabolic rate by 30% within 10 minutes of drinking – it peaked at around 30-40 minutes.

Another study [2] found that over a 12-week period, drinking 500ml of water prior to each meal increased weight loss by 44%. This equated to ~2kg. 

2. Increase the Heat


The active ingredient of the chili pepper – capsaicinis responsible for its fiery taste. As a type of fruit, the chili pepper is packed full of vitamin A and vitamin C – both potent antioxidants with a number of health benefits.

Upping the spice of your foods can boost weight loss by creating a thermogenic effect – capsaicin increases body heat leading to a boost in energy expenditure.

Adding 10g of cayenne pepper to food has been found to significantly boost metabolism – especially when it’s added to a high-fat meal [3].

The benefits don’t just stop there either. A study published in Appetite [4] found that consuming cayenne pepper prior to a meal reduced calorie intake by over 70kcal per meal.

3. Avoid Liquid Calories


This applies to sugary soda, fruit juice and any other beverage that has added sugar – this includes tea and coffee if you like to add a drop of the white stuff too!

Not only is soda consumption associated with lower intakes of healthier drinks [5], it is linked to a number of health-related conditions such as metabolic disease, digestive illness and tooth decay. There is also a very clear link between sugary drink consumption and weight gain. 

You’ll often find 7 or more teaspoons of sugar in your soda – and sometimes it is hidden on the ingredients list of drinks as fructose, sucrose or corn syrup so you might not even notice its in there. 

The problem is that your body doesn’t even know its getting calories from these drinks. In one study [6], a group of female volunteers were asked to consume 450kcal of soda on top of their normal diet to see if they reduced food intake to compensate for the added energy. They did not – in fact they increased their daily energy intake by 17%. A huge amount for anyone wanting to drop body weight.

 4. Major in the Micros


Whilst we only get food energy from macronutrients – carbohydrates, fat and proteins – you can’t escape the importance of micronutrients. They might only be needed in small amounts but are massively important in optimizing how you use energy.

The mineral Zinc for example has been shown to help digestion and promote weight loss by improving blood lipid levels and glucose metabolism [7]. Likewise, B complex vitamins help to boost metabolism and promote muscle growth.

Eating a well-rounded diet that includes a range of colorful fruit and vegetables will ensure you get all of the necessary nutrients. Alternatively, a support complex such as Instant Knockout with added micronutrients works well and will give you the edge as you work towards weight loss planning.

5. Eat More Protein


Protein is needed to boost muscle gains, repair your body tissue and regulate both hormone and enzyme production.

This macronutrient is the most satiating of the three – a study in Behavior & Physiology [8] found that around 20-30% of the calories you eat from protein are burned off just digesting it. This is much higher than the 5-10% you’ll get for carbs, or the measly 0-3% for fats. This process is referred to as the thermic effect of food (TEF). 

A study of 10 healthy women found that with a high protein diet the thermic effect is  2.5 times higher than with a high-carb diet [9].

Its not only the TEF of protein that can help boost weight loss either – a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition [10] reported that in a group of 19 volunteers, a high-protein diet decreased daily energy intake by 441kcal. Not only that, it also reduced fat mass by 3.7kg over a 12-week period. 

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