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Turn to the Instant Knockout system

It’s a journey that started a number of years ago. Working closely with legendary MMA coach Greg Jackson gave us a unique insight into the science of shredding. He demonstrated how calorie control and nutritional balance was key to keeping his fighters at the very top of their championship game.

He explained how effective, sustainable weight loss was built on 4 pillars:

  • Thermogenic Boost
  • Calorie Control
  • Nutritional Balance
  • Appetite Suppression

Greg trusted Instant Knockout Cut to give his fighters a thermogenic boost and help curb their appetite. Calorie control and nutritional balance was down to a mix of expensive meal prep and an in-house 24/7 nutritionist.

But Greg knew there had to be another way. A better way. Something that combined all the expertise and precision with convenience and cost-effectiveness. It’s why he once again turned to our knowledge to ask us to develop a total weight-loss system for his fighters and other professional athletes around the world.

It was an advantage that was once exclusive to athletes. But now, for the very first time, you too can experience the fat loss secret of the professionals

Instant Knockout System
Instant Knockout System

The missing pieces of super-shredding can be in your hands

Thanks to Cut, Instant Knockout always gave you 2 of the 4 cornerstones of safe, effective and speedy weight loss. The final two pieces of the jigsaw: calorie control and nutritional balance were down to you.

But we can understand how difficult this can be. We all lead busy lives, and preparing a nutritionally complete, balanced meal to a target calorie count is beyond the reach of most people.

It was often only possible for the super-rich who had their own chef, or pro athletes with their meal prep dieticians. For everyone else, we just had to do our best powered by two out of 4 cylinders. Until now.

Working with a team of expert nutritionists, we designed Complete to act as the final piece of the weight-management jigsaw. Complete’s unique formulation was designed from scratch to pair perfectly with Cut. Combined together, they provide the total system for safe, effective and lasting weight loss.


Choose to fight back against unwanted fat

If you've ever felt unhappy about your weight, if you think life is unfair because your previous efforts have come to nothing, don't give up. We are here for you. Instant Knockout Cut gives you all you need to shed fat: A tailored combination of natural weight-loss ingredients in one handy capsule and a handy meal replacement shake.

Instant Knockout Cut is here to give you the body shape and definition you deserve. Stick to the plan, and you will see results that will delight you and make your friends envious. The science confirms it.

Instant Knockout Complete, the high-protein, vitamin-enriched, nutritionally-balanced and calorie-controlled. Even better, it tastes great! And at just 400 calories per serving, it’s the simple way to control calories, whilst ditching the hunger pangs.

Choose the system chosen by professional athletes. Choose to fight back against unwanted fat.


Designed to be combined

Naturally, both products can be used in isolation. There are tens of thousands of loyal Cut customers who have their own meal prep routine. Similarly, we have Complete super-fans who take a shake daily simply for the convenient and great-tasting reassurance it delivers at lunch break.

However, combined together, each amplifies the results of the other, meaning you see the results you want to see faster and with less effort.

No more do you need to scrutinise hundreds of labels to check for compatibility (or adverse interactions) when planning your weight loss journey. Cut and Complete combined removes all the stress, worry and inconvenience. With just one click of a button, we will express ship everything you need for a full month of scientifically-backed fat loss.

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Calorie Control
  • Thermogenic boost
  • Nutritional Balance

The benefits you can enjoy when you switch to the system:

Instant Knockout Cut helps you:

  • Cut and shred
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Reveal sculpted muscle

With no opaque proprietary blends and a completely transparent formula, rest assured Instant Knockout Cut contains only the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients.

Instant Knockout Complete gives you

  • 35g of protein for muscle growth and repair
  • 35g of carbohydrate for energy
  • 13g of fibre for digestion and slow release energy
  • Benefit from Vitamin D whether you train indoor or out
  • Vitamin A to help your skin and immune system
  • Vitamin E helps strengthen your immune system
  • Healthy fats Omega 3 and 6
Regulated, endored and verified by the FDA

Regulated, endorsed and verified quality

All Instant Knockout products are made to the highest possible quality in FDA and cGMP approved facilities. We take our reputation seriously, which is why we don’t cut any corners and make sure all our products are regulated and safe.

All of our ingredients are meticulously researched for maximum impact but also for your safety. Rest assured you’re using naturally sourced ingredients, all made to the highest possible standards in the UK.

How do you take it?

As flexible as your lifestyle. The Instant Knockout System is designed to fit in with quick-changing, modern life.

Alongside taking Instant Knockout Cut four times per day at set intervals, simply choose to replace your regular breakfast, lunch or evening meal with super convenient and tasty Instant Knockout Complete.

If you'd like to experience results even faster, replace both your morning breakfast and lunch or your lunch and evening meal with healthy, nutritionally-balanced Instant Knockout Complete.

How to take Instant Knockout System How to take Instant Knockout Ststem

Frequently Asked Questions

Cut Fat Burner

Is Instant Knockout Cut suitable for women?

Yes! Why should men be the only ones allowed to get great results? Woman can too with Instant Knockout Cut.

How often do I take Instant Knockout Cut?

To achieve the best results, we recommend that you take 1 capsule with a glass of water four times a day. Take the 1st one as soon as you wake up, the 2nd one in between breakfast and lunch, the 3rd one take 1 hour after your lunch, and the 4th one take 1 hour before your evening meal. Make sure you take your last dose no later than 5 hours before going to bed.

Does it contain any stimulants?

Yes, Instant Knockout Cut contains natural stimulants, so we don’t recommend that you take it with other supplements that contain stimulants.

Is Instant Knockout Cut Vegan friendly?

Yes, Instant Knockout Cut is Vegan friendly, the capsule is made from Vegetable Cellulose.

Complete Meal Replacement

How do you take Instant Knockout Complete?

Grab a shaker and fill it with 500 ml of water. Add two scoops of Complete (100 grams) and then reattach the lid firmly. Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds, and either pour into a glass or drink from the shaker. You can experiment with different amounts of water, which will influence the thickness of the shake.

Can I take Instant Knockout Cut and Complete at the same time?

Yes, the two products have been designed specifically to bring out the best in each other. While both supplements are great as standalones, they work even better when combined. Complete offers you more control over your diet, while Cut can help you to burn more calories and avoid excessive hunger between meals.

Is Instant Knockout Complete suitable for women?

Yes, Complete contains 400 calories, 35 grams of protein, 35 grams of carbohydrates, and 13 grams of fat. These can easily be fitted into a woman’s daily calorie targets, just as they can for a man.

Can I use Instant Knockout Complete with other supplements?

Yes, Complete can be taken alongside our fat burner Cut, but it can also be taken alongside any other supplement without any issue.

Amplify your burn with FREE Boss Shred*

Fighters love the Instant Knockout System as it removes the need for expensive meal prepping and time-intense calorie counting. But something no pro athlete would be without is a personal trainer and performance coach.

We feel that’s an experience you shouldn’t miss out on. Which is why every multi-pack purchase from Instant Knockout comes with lifetime access to Boss Shred - a fully guided video and information training program designed to get your RIPPED.


Give Boss Shred just 12 weeks and you could have the sexy, shredded body you’ve dreamed of. Boss Shred workout is a complete 12-week guided video training program that will help you burn fat and build muscle. Comprising fully-guided workout videos, informative ebooks and exclusive online tools, Boss Shred has been designed to strip fat and reveal your new physique.

Each Boss Workout program retails at $149, but for a limited period, you can take advantage of Boss Shred for FREE with every Instant Knockout multi-pack purchase.

Led by personal trainer to the stars, Jason Sani Jason will be your guide and mentor throughout the Boss Shred Workout program. If you listen to what he says, you’ll make permanent life enhancing changes to your physique. For good.

"Do what I tell you in BOSS, and you’re going to be blown away with what you can achieve."

Save time and money with our Total System combo packs

Our total combo packs make choosing to lose weight simple and quick. Each one pairs Instant Knockout Cut with Instant Knockout Complete to ensure that you benefit from turbo-charged fat burning in a safe and effective way.

Pro Fighter Starter Shredding System

For those occasions when time is tight and you need to see a transformation fast, turn to our starter pack. Containing one bottle of Instant Knockout Cut and two pouches of Instant Knockout Complete, you can experience the amazing thermogenic boost delivered by Instant Knockout Cut, and discover for yourself just how tasty and satisfying the Instant Knockout Complete meal-replacement is. It’s ideal for those who need to look and feel great for an upcoming big day.

Pro Fighter Shredding System

Our Pro Pack pairs a 60-days supply of our legendary fat burner Instant Knockout Cut (one bottle, containing 120 capsules for a round-the-clock thermogenic boost) with four pouches of Instant Knockout Complete for a total 2 months of managed weight-loss. If you are looking to experience sustained, balanced weight loss, the Pro Fighter Shredding System offers all you require. Used regularly, you will enjoy a body transformation that lasts.

Ultimate Pro Fighter Shredding System

Or for the full pro-fighter experience, our Ultimate Pro Fighter Shredding System not only delivers you 6 pouches of Instant Knockout Complete and 3 bottles of Instant Knockout Cut, but you also benefit from free shipping and the Boss Shred workout program. In one box you have EVERYTHING you need to achieve and maintain your ideal physique. Three month’s worth of nutritionally-balanced meals in the form of our super-convenient Instant Knockout Complete shakes, and 3 bottles of Instant Knockout Cut providing you with a huge 360 capsules - each packed with 100% safe and natural thermogenic-boosting, mood-supporting, appetite-suppressing ingredients.

If you are serious about shredding excess fat to reveal a toned, sculpted body, we made our Total System combination packs for you. We have left nothing to chance - we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. It’s why we are the recommended choice of fighters around the globe.

Order today and experience a round-the-clock fat fighting formula that works even while you sleep.

Ultimate Pro Fighter Shredding System - 3 Months

Ultimate Pro Fighter Shredding System - 3 Months
  • 5x Complete pouches + 1 Free Complete (3 Months / 84 Meals)
  • 2x Cut + 1 Free (3 Months / 360 Capsules)
  • Free Boss Shred (Worth: $149)
    - Easy to follow video program
    - Detailed nutrition E-Books
    - 3 Month body transformation
  • FREE Shipping in the USA & UK

Pro Fighter Shredding System - 2 Months

Pro Fighter Shredding System - 2 Months
  • 3x Complete pouches + 1 Free Complete (2 Months / 56 Meals)
  • 2x Cut (2 Months / 240 Capsules)
  • Free Boss Shred (Worth: $149)
    - Easy to follow video program
    - Detailed nutrition E-Books
    - 3 Month body transformation
  • FREE Shipping in the USA & UK

Pro Fighter Starter Shredding System - 1 Month

Pro Fighter Starter Shredding System - 1 Month
  • 2x Complete Shred pouches (1 Month / 28 Meals)
  • 1x Cut (1 Month / 120 Capsules)
  • Free Boss Shred (Worth: $149)
    - Easy to follow video program
    - Detailed nutrition E-Books
    - 3 Month body transformation
  • FREE Shipping in the USA & UK
  • Instant Knockout
  • Instant Knockout
    Complete Shred