Start your weight-loss journey TODAY with easy, tasty and balanced Instant Knockout Complete.

The calorie-deficit secret of professional fighters is finally available to YOU

Instant Knockout Complete is a calorie-controlled, 100% nutritionally-complete, meal replacement shake that’s convenient, nutritious and delicious. Unlike other shakes, Complete allows you to benefit from the optimized nutritional blend that pro fighters enjoy to cut weight FAST.

Look what you can benefit from when you choose to switch to Instant Knockout Complete:

  • Calorie controlled - We’ve counted the calories so you don’t have to
  • Protein-packed - Enjoy the best of both worlds when you boost the muscle while shredding the fat
  • Engineered to keep you full - Specially chosen low G.I. carbs fuel you for longer, so hunger pangs are a thing of the past
  • Nutritionally complete - Rest easy knowing that all your nutritionally requirements are being met in a single shake
  • Free US and UK shipping on selected packs

The truth that the combat sports industry doesn’t want you to know

This is the truth: We didn’t set out to make Instant Knockout Complete available to the public. Instead, Instant Knockout Complete was specifically formulated when we answered the call of legendary MMA trainer Greg Jackson. He demanded a meal replacement shake that helped his fighters cut weight AND boost muscle.

It’s just the latest stage on our journey with Greg. He, and his legendary fighters, have turned to the Instant Knockout brand for years to quickly and sustainably cut weight. For years, Instant Knockout Complete was his secret ingredient to success. But now, for the very first time, you can enjoy all the benefits of this secret.

The professional fighters hack to cut weight fast

MMA professionals, boxing prize fighters, Ju Jitsu warriors, all have one thing in common: They often need to reduce weight FAST - and when they do, they pick up a pouch of Instant Knockout Complete.

IKO Complete is a nutritionally complete meal replacement shake which allows you to significantly reduce your calories whilst retaining your crucial muscle mass. Made in seconds, each serving contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals, plus a protein punch that leaves rival products on the canvas.

Complete Cutting Meals 2 Week Supply

Complete Shred - 2 Week Supply

Pro Fighter System 1 Month Supply

Pro Fighter Starter Shredding System - 1 Month

Complete Cutting Meals 1 Month Supply

Complete Shred - 1 Month Supply

Why do Hall of Fame fighters choose Instant Knockout Complete?

Why do pro fighters and coaches insist on using Instant Knockout Complete when aiming to get shredded? Because Complete gives your body what it needs to perform as it should:

  • Without immunity support, fighters risk missing out on vital sparring sessions
  • Lacking in protein means lacking in muscle-based punching power
  • An imbalance of macronutrients means an imbalance in recovery times
  • Miss out on vital vitamins and minerals and you miss out on fully optimised performance
  • And if you are too hungry to focus, you’ll never hit those PBs in the gym

Complete was designed to solve all those problems - and more! Instant Knockout Complete removes all the headaches surrounding staying fit, healthy and strong while cutting fat safely, effectively and permanently.

Powered by nature

Why do fighters choose Complete? Clean ingredients. Pick up an off-the-shelf energy bar or shake and what do you see? An ingredient list packed with artificial sweeteners, lab-made colouring and animal derivatives.

Is that what you really want to put in your body? And store-bought meals are often packed with hidden sugar content. Complete is different. Our completely transparent ethos means you can be certain you only benefit from the power of nature.

Protein packed, naturally

Complete provides the perfect mix of two plant-based proteins - pea and soy. Both sources are high quality and easily digested, meaning you avoid the bloat associated with whey proteins.

And they are naturally lower in carbs and high in iron, which is perfect if you are counting the carbs. As a final bonus, they are an excellent source of BCAAs (branch-chain amino acids) which are proven to promote muscle growth and reduce muscle wasting.

What could you achieve if you experienced complete nutrition for the very first time?

Unlike the protein shakes you’ve had previously, Complete is food. It’s called Complete as it gives your body everything it needs - including a feeling of being full and satisfied - all at just 200 calories per scoop.

It means you can power through your day, and give your best at the gym, whilst maintaining a calorie deficit - the key to effective and sustainable weight loss.

It is quick (make and shake in 30 seconds), convenient (take it on the go) and provides the ultimate peace of mind knowing that all your nutritional needs are accounted for.

  • 35g of protein for muscle growth and repair
  • 35g of carbohydrate for energy
  • 13g of fibre for digestion and slow release energy
  • Benefit from Vitamin D whether you train indoor or out
  • Vitamin A to help your skin and immune system
  • Vitamin E helps strengthen your immune system
  • Healthy fats Omega 3 and 6
  • Chromium to elevate your mood

You deserve to be better

You deserve to live up to the full potential. Instant Knockout Complete was designed to help you achieve your destiny.

No matter if it’s the big fight or the big date circled on your diary, if you need to drop the weight while maintaining the muscle, Instant Knockout Complete was made for you.

Complete was designed by leading nutritionists and manufactured in FDA-registered facilities operating to the highest cGMP standards.

Complete contains zero animal products nor artificial flavorings or sweeteners. The truth is this, the only thing you have to lose is the excess weight that has been holding you back for too long.

Don’t delay your destiny for one minute longer. Secure your pack of Instant Knockout Complete today.

Complete Shred - 2 Week Supply

Complete Shred - 2 Week Supply

Instant Knockout Complete Shred is an easy to prepare, nutritionally complete powdered meal designed to help you control your calorie intake.

  • 1 Complete Pouch (14 Meals)
  • Vanilla flavour
  • 400 Calories
  • High
  • Nutritionally
  • Fuller
    for Longer

Pro Fighter Starter Shredding System - 1 Month

Pro Fighter Starter Shredding System - 1 Month
  • 2x Complete Shred pouches (1 Month / 28 Meals)
  • 1x Cut (1 Month / 120 Capsules)
  • Free Boss Shred (Worth: $149)
    - Easy to follow video program
    - Detailed nutrition E-Books
    - 3 Month body transformation
  • FREE Shipping in the USA & UK
  • Instant Knockout
  • Instant Knockout
    Complete Shred