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Instant Knockout Complete Ingredients

Plant based protein

Plant based Protein

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients your body requires to function correctly. For those in sports, it’s vital to help regulate your muscle mass, repair muscle after a period of exertion and is also a source of energy.25

The main source of protein in Complete comes from pea and soy extract. These fantastic sources of vegan protein are plant based, all natural and suitable for everyone.

100% natural protein is what makes Instant Knockout Complete the best powdered food for muscle growth and repair – perfect for athletes. We’ve included just the right amount of plant-based protein per serving at 35g, which will give you a real boost to build muscle and repair muscle faster.



Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are useful dietary fats that contain a host of potential health benefits. Studies have shown that MCT’s can provide you with a short rise in your metabolic rate, meaning you could burn fat faster.26

Primarily, the MCT’s found in Instant Knockout Complete come from the humble, natural and healthy coconut.

MCT’s can also help fat oxidation, breaking down fatty acids faster and helping remove them from your system.27 There’s also evidence to suggest that regular intake of MCT’s can help reduce your body weight mass, with one study demonstrating results after just two weeks.28

By converting more of your weight into energy, you’re not only going to perform better, but you’re going to look and feel better too.

Golden Flaxseed

Golden Flax Seed

For a small seed that’s been around for hundreds of years, flaxseed is absolutely packed with health benefits. It’s found in many foods these days and is packed with essential Omega-3 fatty acids.

We’ve included flaxseed into Instant Knockout Cut as it’s also a great source of dietary fiber. We all need fiber in our diet to lower cholesterol, control blood sugar and keep a healthy weight.29

There’s also evidence to suggest that like it reduces your appetite, meaning you consume less unnecessary calories.30 Not a bad thing for anyone wanting to push their body to the limit.

Chia Seeds

Chia Seed

What would you do if you could find a plant-based nutrient that’s full of goodness, yet has little calories? You’d want to use it, right? Let us introduce you to the humble but powerful chia seeds.

We’ve included chia seeds in Instant Knockout Complete as they contain fiber, protein, healthy fats like omega 3, calcium and other nutrients.31

Chia seeds are seriously impressive, and the best thing is, they only contain 101 calories per 28 grams, which is a tiny amount.

Oat Flour

Oat Flour

If you want to sustain your energy levels, there aren’t many better food groups for the job than carbohydrates. Carbohydrates include fibers, starches and sugars, and one of our main sources comes from oat flour.

With carbs, the lower the glycemic index (GI), the better they are at sustaining your energy levels. That’s where oat flour comes in. For contrast, oats have a GI of 37, where white bread is almost double at 75.

Oat flour is also high in fiber, giving you a controlled energy release and helping you digest and absorb the other fantastic nutrients in Instant Knockout Complete effectively.32

Organic Brown Rice

Organic Brown Rice

To finalise Instant Knockout Complete’s protein profile we’ve included another healthy, all-natural source in organic brown rice concentrate.

It’s yet another addition to Complete’s all vegan formula, and ensures you get a great mix of different protein sources to help you build muscle and recover for your next workout in no time.

Brown rice is also a good source of amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine which help supply your muscle tissue with energy, vital for any form of physical exercise.33

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